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The UWI Celebrates Donald 'Jackie' Hinkson - Handover + Conversation + more

Posted Tuesday, February 05, 2019

The Alma Jordan Library (AJL) and the Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA) celebrate The UWI honorary graduate, Donald ‘Jackie’ Hinkson with two hallmark events:

February 6 | 10am | Handover of the Donald ‘Jackie’ Hinkson Sketchpads & Celebration of his Works: The campus community is invited to witness Jackie donate 70+ sketchpads with original work at 3rd Floor AV Room, (AJL).

Friday 8 | 6.30pm | Masquerade – A conversation with Jackie Hinkson happening at the 3rd Floor AV Room, (AJL).

About Jackie Hinkson & The UWI

Jackie Hinkson is the quintessential Caribbean Artist.  A national of Trinidad & Tobago, he has for decades been a painter and interpreter of the landscape, seascape, architecture and people of his country and of the regions' islands, in -watercolours, oils, acrylics, ink, pencil and crayon and in his sculpture and murals.

The UWI continues to acquire resources which preserve the history and legacy of the region, while finding innovative ways of incorporating them into everyday life. The Jackie Hinkson sketchpads are listed on the UNESCO Trinidad and Tobago Memory of the World Register.

Jackie Hinkson, honorary graduand of The UWI has partnered with the institution to share his expertise over the years. He continues this partnership with: the donation of over 70+ personal sketchbooks which he used over the years (all with original artwork), temporary installation of a 110ft mural on the southern wall the AJL along with several events being planned by the FHE.