Staff Notices

Library plant Lovers (LpL) hosts Lecture + Corpus Christi Plant Sale

Posted Friday, June 07, 2019

The Library plant Lovers (LpL) invites the campus community to the following events:

  • Plant Diseases and Pesticides LectureJune 11 | 11.30am at The Alma Jordan Library (AJL) Audio-Visual Room. Hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the LpL team. You are invited to this free informational event.  
  • Corpus Christi Plant SaleJune 18 | 9am to noon outside The Alma Jordan Library (AJL).

About the LpL

The LpL is a group of library staff members who volunteer to take care of the healthy and beautiful plants in the building. These plants are also used for events and displays hosted by the AJL. The funds from this sale will be used to maintain the plants, and to purchase garden supplies and accessories.

Corpus Christi Plant Sale Offerings

  • Ornamentals: Blue flux, Lantana, Spider plants, etc.
  • Seedlings: fine thyme, chive, celery, tomatoes, pimentos, hot peppers, sweet-peppers, parsley, and lettuce
  • Small bags of soil mix and other garden accessories

For additional queries, please call 662-2002 ext. 84031/82280 or email