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American Airlines Business ExtrAA Account: Take Advantage Today!

Posted Monday, January 27, 2020

The University of the West Indies – St. Augustine Campus has an American Airlines Business ExtrAA account available to all staff and students.

You can acquire ALL your miles and still help The UWI reward employees, students, support campus projects and reduce overall campus travel costs! 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you are a UWI, St. Augustine staff member  or student and you are booking a ticket to travel on American Airlines for Campus related business you can use the St. Augustine Campus’ Business ExtrAA Account Number
  • If you are making your booking online you will see an area where you can input the Account Number or if you are booking with a Travel Agent you can give them the number and they will input where necessary
  • The Business ExtrAA programme allows for both the individual and the institution to get miles from the same ticket (the individual will get the same amount of miles that they would have received without Business ExtrAA)
  • Miles that are gained by the Campus will be tracked and managed by an Executive Management team and they will determine how the miles will be effectively utilised
  • When gathered, miles can be used to reduce the overall cost of Campus related travels

The St. Augustine Campus’ Business ExtrAA Account Number: 889895

For further information please contact: The International Office at 1(868) 662-2002 x 84151.