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PEDIC Remote and In-Person Services for Parents, Teachers and Students

Posted Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Attention parents, teachers, and students: The UWI Psychoeducational Diagnostic and Intervention Clinic (PEDIC) is here to help all children – whether struggling, typically developing or gifted, this service helps them reach their full potential by addressing barriers to learning.

PEDIC now offers remote and in-person services to the public. Services include psychosocial support (counselling), consultations, psychoeducational assessments and reading assessments and reading intervention.

Read more about them below:

Psychosocial Support (Counselling):

PEDIC offers counselling to clients to address social and emotional issues which are impacting on their ability to learn to their fullest potential e.g.  anger management, stress management, interpersonal skills, and resilience. PEDIC works with clients to identify the barriers to their learning and provide needed interventions in academic, social, emotional, and behavioral areas.


Consultations are offered to provide information, advice and guidance on the nature of learning challenges, to conduct screenings, to provide guidelines about strategies than can likely address the learning and behavioural concerns of the client, and to make appropriate referrals.

Psychoeducational Assessments:

Psychoeducational Assessments use a combination of interviews, behavioural observations and psychometric instruments to help ascertain the cause of a person’s learning or behavioural challenges. These challenges can be specific to problems such as learning to read, write or doing math. They can also be general in nature, such as problems grasping or remembering academic concepts, and problems focusing (paying attention) or sitting still in the classroom.

Reading Assessments and Intervention:

Reading Assessments use psychometric instruments to assess specific reading skills such as phonemic awareness, phonics skills, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. The results of these diagnostic assessments are used to assist with planning of instruction and delivery of intervention services.

For more information or to book an appointment, please email or call (868) 663-8914 or (868) 662-2002, extensions: 84511 and 84512.