General Notices

Updates from the Bookshop

Posted Thursday, January 07, 2021

The UWI Bookshop team would like to thank the Campus Community for their support during the last year. 

With the advent of COVID-19 pandemic, sourcing books for our customers has become quite challenging, but they are nevertheless committed to doing the same. If there is any need for academic materials that supports teaching and learning, the Bookshop continues to offer these services to the best of our abilities. Additionally, to further satisfy the needs of our stakeholders, the Bookshop has expanded its offerings and ventured into selling a myriad of gift items as well as miscellaneous items needed by each of us at this time.

The Bookshop is also stocked up on items that supports online teaching and learning such as laptops, tablets, printers, webcams, headsets, digitizers, etc. It must be noted that in the interest of cost savings in these times, we will generally continue to order specific books only on-request. Let us know your need (hard copies or e-books), we are definitely committed to assisting however we can.

Need further information? Please contact Bookshop Manager, Mrs Ezra Phillip-Bruce via email at or (868)-662-2002 ext.82461