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Introduction to International Security Studies

Posted Friday, February 05, 2021

The Institute of International Relations (IIR) presents its Virtual Specialized Seminar Series on the topic “Introduction to International Security Studies". Join local and international speakers as they discuss topics such as: Cyber Security, Migration and Human Trafficking and Energy Security. 
The schedule of seminars is as follows:
20th January: Ms. Natalia Zhurina (Russia) and Mr. Alain Ponce Blancas (Mexico)
Topic: WMD and Non-Proliferation Regime
27th January: Mr. Sheridon Martin Hill (T&T)
Topic: Transnational Organized Crime
3rd February: Ms. Alana L. Wheeler (T&T)
Topic: Migration and Human Trafficking
10th February: Mr. Callixtus Joseph (T&T)
Topic: Small Arms & Light Weapons Trade
17th February: Dr. Keron Niles (T&T)
Topic: Energy Security
24th February: Ms. Alana L. Wheeler (T&T)
Topic: Child Soldiering 
3rd March: Mr. Sheridon Martin Hill (T&T)
Topic: Cyber-Security
10th March: Mr. Sanjin Soldatić (Belgium)
Topic: Global Health and Pandemics
Interested persons are asked to contact or 662-2002 ext. 83235