Student Notices

Post-Graduation Distribution Centre

Posted Tuesday, February 16, 2021

The St Augustine Campus of The University of The West Indies pleased to announce the Post-GraduationDistribution Centre available to graduates of the Academic Year 2019/2020 to facilitate the followingactivities:
-Collection of your Graduation Booklet and Token
-Collection of your Certificate Scroll (if you did not participate in the Graduation Photography exercise)
-Rental of Academic Regalia until March 12 2021, for graduates who are interested in this service.
Appointments may be scheduled for a date and time during the period February 24 2021 to March 6 2021 from the hours of 9am to 5pm (inclusive of Saturday 27 February and March 6 December 2021).
You would be provided with a link to make your appointment. The following information would be requested of you via the referenced link:
-Student ID, Name
-Your email address and contact number
-Level of Award Obtained
-Indicate whether you participated in the Photography exercise for Graduation 2020
-Gown Size (using the Gown Size Guide) if renting academic regalia
-Your Cap Size (if the field appears)
-Note the Rental Fee information for your level of award-Vehicle Number (for facilitating parking arrangements)
-Your preferred appointment time
Appointments should be made no later than 48 hours of your intended visit to the Post-Graduation
Distribution Centre.
Rental of Academic Regalia
-Graduates will receive a Pre-filled Rental of Gowns form via email within two (2) working days oftheir application and be required to bring two (2) copies of the form to the Distribution Centre.
-Payment is to be made via the online Payment Portal on the UWI website or via Graduation Deposit Slips available at the UWI branch of Republic Bank.
-Upon reaching the Collection Zone at the Distribution Centre, present pre-filled Gown rental Form and receipt of payment to the Collection Team who will verify and record the Payment Information Sections (on the Upper and Lower parts of the Form) and then sign. The Graduate would be given the top copy of Retention Slip Section for their records. UWI Stamp would appear on that copy.
-Graduates or their representative then proceed to the Gown Collection Station; upon receipt of gown/hood or caps, they sign indicating the regalia were handed over in good condition. The UWI Team would retain the 2nd copy of form (inclusive of Retention Slip Section- Lower part of the form).
-Graduates are advised to provide an authorization form along with the relevant National and UWI ID to parties/proxies acting on their behalf.
Rental of Academic Regalia Fee and Refund Structure
Rental Fees  
Certificate $500 
Diploma $500 
Bachelor’s $700 
Postgraduate Diploma $850 
Master’s $850 
Postgraduate Doctoral $1850 
PHD (Doctor of Philosophy) $2100 
Certificate $320
Diploma $320
Bachelor’s $475
Postgraduate Diploma $580
Master’s $580
Postgraduate Doctoral $1580
PHD (Doctor of Philosophy) $1770 
Return of Academic Regalia
Refunds will be electronically processed upon return of the academic regalia in good condition.
Appointments are not required for the return of rented Academic Regalia on March 12 and 13 2021 between the hours of 9am – 5pm.
Persons who fail to return the regalia during the period March 12-13 2021 will have holds placed on their accounts and may be subject to forfeiture of any recommended refund. Official documentation from The UWI would also be withheld until the return of the academic regalia.
The University of The West Indies reserves the right to recover the rented academic regalia or its replacement cost in the event of loss, damage or failure to return its asset.
COVID 19 Safety Protocols
The protocols in place at the Distribution Centre are meant to safeguard the health and safety of all staff and graduates using the space. Only your attendance is allowed at the Distribution Centre. Friends, family and other well-wishers cannot be accommodated.
-All graduates must complete the online pre-screening tool up to 24 hours before your appointment. Your appointment will only be processed upon your adherence to this tool. If you receive a reading other than “I do not need to get tested for COVID-19 at this time” within 24 hours of your appointment, please DO NOT attend the scheduled appointment. Graduates must walk with a form of Picture Identification when attending your appointment.
-We will be using the Sports and Physical Education Centre (SPEC) venue that allowsfor distancing of two metres/six feet with appropriate signage/directions.-Mandatory use of sanitization stations before entry into the venue.
-Temperature testing required when you arrive for your appointment.-Requirement for the use of masks by UWI staff and attendees while at the venue.-You must wear a mask to enter the venue.
-You must observe relevant signage and comply with instructions given.-Strict adherence to the appointment system to manage venue flow and capacity. You shouldarrive no more than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
-Only your attendance is allowed for the collection exercise. Friends, family and other well-wisherscannot be accommodated. If you require additional support, you are required to contact theExaminations Section in advance of your appointment to make the relevant arrangements.
-UWI will ensure regular cleaning of hard surfaces throughout the daily sessions.
-Payment for rental of academic regalia are to be made via the online payment portal on the UWIwebsite or using Graduation deposits slips available at The Republic Bank UWI branch.
-You are required to leave the venue premises IMMEDIATELY upon collection of your Graduationpackage.
-Candidates will NOT be allowed to congregate outside of the Venue.-Candidates will only be allowed at the venue for the duration of the collection exercise. After this they will be required to vacate the premises.
-Children are not allowed atthe venue and should not be brought to the venue and/or the campus.
If you require additional support, you are required to contact the Examinations Section via in advance of your appointment to make the relevant arrangements. Additionally, we ask that you avoid congregating inside or outside SPEC.
We are grateful to be able to support you through these unusual times and you can contact us via email at for additional information or guidance on this process.
Please continue to stay safe, healthy and happy!