General Notices

Thank You: A Message from the Outgoing Guild Council President

Posted Wednesday, June 09, 2021

On behalf of The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus Guild Council 2020-2021, farewell to the Campus Community, with thanks. 

Thank you to the general membership of the Guild of Students who supported us during our term in office by assisting your fellow members daily and escalating matters to the Council where necessary. 

Thank you to our class, department, program, and year representatives who have kept the representation machinery sturdy by communicating with the Administration in your respective areas and communicating guild information for the benefit of your cohorts. 

To our clubs, associations, and societies, you kept your groups engaged and became creative in your execution of your duties, for this we thank you. 

We thank the Guild Senate and all senators who took their role as a check and balance for the Council seriously.

To the Campus administration from the Campus Executive, Directors, Managers, Deans, Deputy Deans, Heads of Departments, Faculties, Staff, Boards, Committees, Offices, and everyone who interfaced, negotiated, listened, and reasoned with us we are grateful. 

Special thanks to Principal, Prof Brian Copeland for ensuring that the space was accommodating for our voices to be heard always, and Deputy Principal, Prof Indar Ramnarine for your student-centered approach to student matters and the weekly engagements as we strived towards fairness and equality for all our members. 

To Campus Registrar, Dr. Dawn Marie De Four-Gill, Campus Bursar, Mrs. Andrea Taylor-Hanna and Campus Librarian, Mr. Frank Soodeen, we are grateful for the work performed under your management in service of our student experience. 

Thank you to the Division of Student Services and Development and the Director, Dr. Deirdre Charles, the Guild Office Manager, Mrs. Amanda Best-Noel and Guild office staff for your guidance, partnership, and service throughout the year.

I personally thank the Guild Council 2020-2021 for your leadership and management in what was arguably, and some may say undoubtedly, the most difficult year for a Guild Council. When you offered yourselves for service you had no idea that we would be stripped of the usual opportunities for engagement, socialization, and personal development, yet you persevered in selfless service to our membership. These words are truly too few to express my deep gratitude to you. To everyone that worked in, advised, and assisted in the administration of the office of the Guild President, I appreciate you immensely. 

To the new Guild President Mr. Kobe Sandy and the Guild Council 2021-2022, you answered the call to serve fully cognizant of the conditions and climate that befall us, yet you have plunged into the void with courage. Thank you for being the bearers of the continuum that is the Guild of Students, I ask the membership to lend you their support as you continue to work in our best interest. The road ahead might feel lonely at times, but as a Guild, we are never alone. Remain guided always by the words of our motto, "Together we can make it happen".

Mr. Warren Anderson, Guild Council President 2020-2021