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Arts-in-Action's CRICK CRACK DOUBLE-TAP 2021 Discovery Camp & CyberWorld

Posted Wednesday, July 28, 2021

For the last two decades, Arts-in-Action's Discovery Camp has been a critical, educational vehicle for our Nation’s youth. As an arts-based camp, its agenda is ultimately to nurture and advance a Caribbean cultural awareness, as an essential facet of the development of the Caribbean child. 

This year’s Discovery Camp and CyberWorld,  

CRICK CRACK DOUBLE-TAP will be held on August 9 – 20. The aim is to create a rich, exciting cyber-learning adventure for children ages 5-13, through the use of drama, dance, music, and other artistic disciplines.  

Equally important, is the creation of a safe and brave space, where children can learn, share and BECOME!  

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