General Notices

Call for Abstracts - COTE 21

Posted Friday, October 01, 2021

Conference on the Economy (COTE) is scheduled for November 24 – 26, 2021. This year’s theme is Accelerating Caribbean Development - Retooling and Restructuring Caribbean Economies Post COVID-19

COTE is an annual landmark event of the Department of Economics at which findings from quality research by academic staff, students and other collaborators are presented to inform stakeholders on economic and social policy issues. The conference will explore 5 themes:

1- Manufacturing

2- Energy and renewables

3- New Agriculture

4- The Blue Economy

5- Cultural Industries

The conference will also include issues discussed in the CARICOM Commission on the Economy.

Abstract submissions must indicate one of the five thematic areas.


To be chosen to present at COTE, participants are required submit a written abstract on any Sub Theme/ Sector  identified above By submitting their abstracts applicants would have given approval for circulation/ inclusion on the Conference and Department website and social media.  

Abstracts for two types of presentation will be considered.

1-     Scientific Studies

Scientific study abstracts must be no longer than 250 words and must be submitted using the following headings:

·        Background

·        Objectives

·        Methods

·        Results

·        Discussion


2-     Viewpoint Presentations

ViewPoint abstracts must be no longer than 200 words, must contribute to a policy issue, and be submitted using the following headings:

·        Background

·        Key Points/New

·        Discussion/Conclusion



Abstracts should be submitted as a MS Word attachment via e-mail to by October 15th. Abstract decisions will be communicated by November 1st. Soft copies of presentations will be due by November 15th.