Student Notices

Facilitators of Learning: An Introduction to Online Learning

Posted Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Cross-Campus Online Faculty Development Committee (of which the CETL is a part) has developed "An Introduction to Online Learning". This is a very short, self-paced course that was launched earlier this semester, aimed at equipping students to excel in the current dispensation of online/remote learning. One of the ways in which you may help students cope with the transition to online learning is through sensitization to this course. Located on students' dashboard (on the right side upon logging into myeLearning), learners can click on the course and will be self-enrolled. 

The following resources will guide your students in locating and enrolling in (accessing) the aforementioned course:

  1. Tutorial Video: Locating, Accessing & Enrolling in the Students' course "An Introduction to Online Learning"
  2. Course Site: An Introduction to Online Learning

Please feel free to share the aforementioned resources with your students as it will greatly assist them in their learning, and thereby make your teaching much more effective.