General Notices

Processing AR Hold Queries

Posted Monday, January 17, 2022

The Bursary (Student Accounts and Receivables) is currently working to address all responses received following the placement of Accounts Receivable (AR) Holds on Monday, January 10, on student accounts found to not be in good financial standing.

A number of reasons, including non-payment of fees, may lead to a student not being granted financial clearance. We note that there are a significant number of students who have had their Means Test rate approved by GATE, but who have not submitted their complete set of documents to the Bursary. We also have some tuition fee payments made over the counter at Republic Bank that are not clearly identified. We are anxious to have these funds appropriately applied to the relevant student account hence the request that students who may be so affected, resubmit their proof of payment with clear identification.

Students affected by the Accounts Receivable Holds are reminded of the following:

  • All outstanding registration documents for Semester 1, 2021/2022 should be submitted via this link: For a list of the documents that you are required to submit, visit
  • GATE sponsored students should ensure that their signature is included on the top left or top right corner of the eGate application. The signature used should be the same as that used on your signed fee assessment sheet.
  • When submitting proof of payment documents, be sure to include your full name and student ID number on the document.
  • After submitting your documents via the eCourier platform, be sure to check your UWI student email for confirmation and updates. If there are any errors with the submitted documents, you will be notified via email by eCourier. The resubmission of documents should be done via the eCourier link shared above.
  • All queries should be submitted via the Bursary's service desk online portal only, which can be accessed at Note that the email is different from the portal above, and queries relating to student financial matters should not be submitted via this email address. 
  • Queries should be submitted only once as they are processed in the order in which they are received. Therefore, re-sending queries multiple times will delay the response time.
  • When utilising any of the above platforms, please be sure to do so using only your UWI student email account when prompted.
  • AR holds will be removed once the submitted documents are deemed to be satisfactory. After the hold is released, please allow 12-24 hours for access to be fully regularised.

We are committed to assisting all students, and we ask for your patience and cooperation at this time.