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MiFi Device Loan (Unlimited Mobile Wireless Internet Service)

Posted Tuesday, January 18, 2022

 100 MiFi devices are available for loan to both undergraduate and post graduate students.

These MiFi devices were procured to complement the existing Tablets and Laptops Device loan programme, and provide much needed assistance to students who are currently unable to gain access to the online classroom environment, due to the pandemic.

Similar to the Tablets and Laptops Device loan initiative, the MiFi Device Loan programme will be facilitated through the Alma Jordan Library. At this stage, since we only have one hundred (100) of these devices we will be collaborating with the Guild of Students and the Division of Student Services and Development (DSSD), for their assistance with identifying students who are eligible for this loan and meet the following criteria:

  • Should be both registered and financially cleared for Semester II 2021/2022.
  • Does not have access to wireless internet service at home.

In the future, it is our hope that we would be able to acquire additional MiFi devices so that we can expand this service to more of our student population.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1.        What is a MiFi Device?

A1:         A MiFi is a wireless device, particularly a wireless router, which operates as a Wi-Fi hotspot.  A MiFi connects, via the use of a SIM card, to a mobile phone network and uses this connection to provide a wireless or Wi-Fi hotspot. A MiFi can provide a Wi-Fi hotspot to various devices capable of establishing internet connections including laptops, tablets, smartphones etc., all of which must be within a specific range of the MiFi.


Q2:        Do I have to pay for this device?

Q2:        No; the MiFi Device loan is free of charge.


Q3:        How do I make a request for a MiFi Device loan?

A3:         MiFi Device loan requests should be made via email to stating the following:


Student ID Number:


Status:  Undergraduate or Postgraduate

Contact Number:

**Please note that your registration and financial clearance status will be verified by Student Accounts and Receivables – Bursary, before you receive an email from the Alma Jordan Library with instructions.


Q4:        Who is eligible for this loan?

A4:         Students who are both registered and financially cleared for SII 2021/2022; and also do not have access to wireless internet service at home.


Q5:        What is the period/duration of the MiFi Device loan?

A5:         A period of twenty-eight (28) days with the option to extend, if necessary.


Q6:        Can I borrow both a tablet and a MiFi device?

A6:         Yes; once you meet the respective eligibility requirements.


Q7:        Where do I collect the MiFi device?

A7:         Similar to the Tablet and Laptops loan programme, the Alma Jordan Library will email the student with details of the date, time and pickup location. MiFi device pickup and return point is:

               The UWI, Sir Arthur Lewis Hall (SAL)

               Hall of Residence – Recreation Room

               St. John’s Road, St. Augustine


Q8:        Who should I contact if I have additional questions or encounter technical difficulties with the Mifi device?

A8:         For information and guidance, please email the Alma Jordan Library -