Student Notices

Co-curricular Programmes Semester 2

Posted Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The Co-curricular programme focuses on providing students with courses which allow them to develop a range of important life skills and a well-rounded educational experience. Two more exciting courses have been added to the line-up; Innovation and Entrepreneurship Steps and Introduction to Sign Language  You can register for these courses via your sudent portal.  Registration deadline: January 31, 2022 

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Co-curricular courses being offered for this semester:  




Course Code  

Course Title  

COCR 1012  

Workplace Protocol for Students  

COCR 1013  

Financial Literacy and Training  

COCR 1030  

Technology Literacy  

COCR 1033 

Mind the Gap 

COCR 1034  

Public Speaking and Voice Training 

COCR 1036  

Ethics and Integrity 

COCR 1039 

CPR| First Aid | AED 

COCR 1046 

Mediation for Holistic Health 

COCR 1047  

Defensive Driving (Simulation)  

COCR 1051   

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Steps (new!) 

COCR 1052   

Introduction to Sign language (new!) 



Microsoft Office  

COCR 1040  

Microsoft Access 2016  

COCR 1041  

Microsoft Excel 2016  

COCR 1042  

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016  

COCR 1043  

Microsoft Word 2016  

COCR 1044 

Microsoft Office Outlook 2016 

COCR 1048 

Microsoft Excel Expert 2019 

COCR 1049 

Introduction to the Microsoft 365 Productivity Cloud