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RBL/UWI Launchpad FAQs

Posted Friday, July 15, 2022

What is Launchpad?

Building upon their Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) and Principles of Responsible Banking commitments and the strategic direction of the organization, Republic Bank conceptualized the RBL/UWI Launchpad initiative in collaboration with The UWI.

The objective is to produce environmentally, financially sustainable and innovative real-world business ventures and solutions within Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region. This RBL/UWI Launchpad will identify and support students of The UWI, who demonstrate exceptional entrepreneurial acumen, towards achieving their entrepreneurial aspirations and create a guided trajectory to accelerate the most feasible proposal into innovative start-up venture(s).

What do you mean by the venture has to be environmentally sustainable?

The business venture should have a component that impacts positively on the environment and or utilises T&T’s natural and other resources in a sustainable way. A few examples include:

-          Products whose raw materials include recycled products or that have a sustainable element

-          Products that have negligible carbon footprint

-          Technology that reduces harmful emission or impact positive on environment

-          Innovative business systems or services that promote sustainable resource management and environment preservation


What sectors is it aligned to?

-          Transportation and Logistics management

-          Enabling/ Green technology

-          Agriculture and food production Innovations

-          Food and Beverage Manufacturing Innovations

-          Energy and power technology

-          Renewable energy technology

-          Electrified transport technology

-          Hydrogen transport technology

-          Electrified heat technology

-          Energy conservation / including, carbon capture and storage

-          Business Process & Systems Innovations

-          Materials and chemicals technology

-          ICT Services; Fintech, gaming, data-management, etc.

-          Environment Protection Enterprise

-          Medicine and Medical technology

-          Fashion and Creatives Innovations


Who can register?

All registered final year Undergraduates - All Faculties.


When is the registration period?

July 15th - August 15th 2022


Where can I register?

You can register via the UWI Ventures App, click here to access.


Is this open to individuals only?

It can be a joined registration if the persons intend on going into business together.


Who can I contact if I need help with the Registration Process

Julian Henry at


Is Republic Bank giving the winner TT$1 Million?

Republic Bank will support the winning business idea with hands on Business Planning and Management Expertise as well as funding of up to TT$1M.  Funds will be disbursed on a ‘needs basis aligned to a detailed budget and disbursement schedule for the winner(s); the disbursement schedule will be developed based on the winner’s Business Plan submitted and reviewed and approved by the Parties (inclusive of Financial forecasts). The Parties and the winners will enter into a separate agreement whereby the winners must present deliverables and achievable milestones associated with the disbursement schedule.


After the winner is selected, what happens next?

Republic Bank agrees to provide mentorship (directly and indirectly) to the winners of the Competition for a period of up to three (3) years towards the establishing of their business ventures. The Bank will provide support related to the following:

-          Registering their businesses /business plans/ patenting

-          Opening a business account

-          Establishing facilities (Loans/Credit Cards/Overdrafts etc.)

-          Advisory services

-          Establishing business connections/networks

-          Identifying governmental/trade bodies that can support their businesses

-          Mentoring the winners, (subject to the Bank’s discretion) assisting with commercial launch and successful development of their business including the provision of Marketing, Legal, Planning, operational risk management and Financial Compliance mentorship

-          Leverage their non-personal customer relationships to identify established businesses within the respective industries that could provide mentoring to the winners.


I am not a business student, will I be provided with guidance towards preparing any business plans etc?

All short-listed persons will receive training and mentoring from The UWI and Republic Bank towards developing a business plan and on other areas related to developing their entrepreneurial skills and competencies.

Who will be my mentor?

This will be identified closer to selection of a winner.


Can I apply is I already have a small business with an environmentally sustainable element?

Yes, you can.


After winning if I decide to drop out of the programme, will I be required to pay back any monies already disbursed by Republic Bank?

Yes, if you decide to drop out you will be required to reimburse Republic Bank for any monies disbursed and not accounted for in relation to output.


Click here to view the promotional video for RBL/UWI Launchpad.