Student Notices

Collection of Student Vehicle Permits

Posted Friday, October 21, 2022

Operations at the Student Vehicle Permit Distribution Centre, located at the Student Activities Centre (SAC),  have been discontinued.

Students must now collect their vehicle permits at The UWI Estate Police Charge Room, located in the Campus Security Services Building. 

To obtain a Vehicle Permit:

- Students must have their UWI Smartcard ID Card and Student Number handy to apply for the permit online at:

- After the above process is completed, students can then make an appointment to collect the permit at the Charge Room via  Appointments must be set for at least 24 hours after the successful submission of an application for a Vehicle Permit.

- Appointments will be available Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Students must be at the Charge Room on the day and time of the appointment with their UWI Student Smartcard ID Card. Campus Security Services personnel will:

- Scan The UWI Student Smartcard ID Card;

- Ask the student to verify the information pertaining to the Vehicle Permit;

- Print the Vehicle Permit and issue it to the student who will be required to sign a register as an acknowledgement of having received their vehicle permit.

The issuance of the Student Vehicle Permit should take no more than 5 minutes.


Students who are unable to present themselves personally to collect their Vehicle Permit, may have a trusted individual collect the permit on their behalf.  Persons collecting Vehicle Permits on behalf of another, must present:

- A valid form of Photo identification, e.g., UWI ID Card, T&T Driver’s Permit, passport or National ID Card;

- A signed letter from the applicant authorizing the bearer to collect the Vehicle Permit on their behalf. The letter should state the full registered name of the applicant, their student number, their vehicle number(s); the full name of the person authorized to collect the permit and the number that corresponds to the form of identification that the bearer will present for verification of their identity.

- The applicant’s UWI Student Smartcard ID Card.


Please note, that to minimize the spread of COVID-19, anyone collecting Vehicle Permits will be required to:

- Properly wear a face mask, i.e., the mask must fit to cover the nose, mouth and chin, all at the same time;

- Sanitize their hands with hand sanitizer provided at the Charge Room.


Please be guided accordingly.

Campus Security Services