General Notices

Contacting The Student Administration Systems (SAS) Unit

Posted Tuesday, November 29, 2022

All of the SAS Unit’s services have been effectively ongoing via VPN, Microsoft Teams, Email and through Remote Desktop Access (RDP).  The table below shows how you can contact the, for various requests.





1. Banner Student Daily

Support and Maintenance to Staff

Members of staff can utilise any of the options listed below:

a)  Email SAS Unit staff by person name only (see Directory listing if not known) and/or by use of the  group email;

b)  To those who already do, can continue to call or message us via our cells phones; or

c)   Call/message us via Microsoft Teams.


2. Banner Student Daily Support and Maintenance to Students

Emails us at

3. Approved Programme/Course for construction In Banner

Secretariat, OCR and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research should forward approvals via email to the SAS Unit:






4.Staff Request for Banner Student Access

Get Banner Student request form at:

Get User Statement of Responsibility form at:

Complete and sign by HOD and user.

Email forms to:

5. End of Term Processing Semester I (202210)

Transcript Issues/Queries regarding end of term processing, can be forwarded to

6. Course Offerings submission 202220

For additional information/submissions, please email

7.For BDMS:

Authorized access;

End user support.



Get and complete access form at


Email completed form to us at: