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UPDATED Commemorative Email Signature

Posted Thursday, March 23, 2023

We recently shared with you the brand-new email signature to commemorate The UWI's 75th Anniversary. This email serves to share with you an updated version of the 75th Anniversary commemorative email signature. We ask that you replace the artwork which was previously shared with the attached artwork.

An example of the approved layout, with the updated signature artwork, was shared with you via email.

If you are using Outlook on the web, click here for guidance on how to create or edit your email signature. 

If you are using the Outlook desktop app, click here for guidance on how to create or edit your email signature.

Images, like the new 75th Anniversary graphic can be downloaded here and pasted into the email signature box. If the image appears too large after it has been pasted:

  • simply click on the image, and its border will be highlighted 
  • place your mouse on any of the dots that appear on the corners of the border and drag to make the image smaller
  • you can average the size of the graphic based on the width of the text that will appear above it  

To hyperlink the social media icons that are shown on the sample signature that was shared above:

  • click on the image in your signature
  • when the image is highlighted, click the ‘Links’ button
  • a window will pop up which will allow you to insert a website link. For example, the Facebook icon should be hyperlinked to the Campus’ Facebook page, the Instagram icon should be hyperlinked to the Campus’ Instagram page and so on. 

Please be reminded of Page 44 of the University’s Brand Identity Guidelines, read here, which discourages the use of quotes or epigraphs in order to avoid the potential confusion of external audiences assuming a particular statement represents the University’s official slogan, ideology, or brand promise.

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