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Faculty of Law: Research Skills Series

Posted Wednesday, February 1, 2023

The Faculty of Law invites you to improve your research skills this semester through its Research Skills Series. This initiative is geared toward helping academics, practitioners, researchers, and students, develop and apply legal research skills by learning from the experience of others. This Skills Series focuses on the challenges faced, lessons learnt, and advice that can be shared rather than the actual substantive research conducted by the speaker, thus differentiating it from a traditional research seminar.  


The series details are as follows:

Session 1

Friday 10th February 2023 (8:00 PST/12:00 AST/ 11:00 EST/ 16:00 GMT/ 17:00 EEST)

  • The Role of Law in Policy Making

Carlon Mendoza, Climate Policy Advisor at Climate Analytics

Kavell Joseph, Consultant at the World Bank Group


Session 2

Friday 3rd March 2023 (8:00 PST/12:00 AST/ 11:00 EST/ 16:00 GMT/ 17:00 EEST)

  • Conducting Interdisciplinary Research

Andrea Wallace, Senior Lecturer at University of Exeter

  • Legal Research in Advocacy

Ewelina Ochab, Co-Founder of Coalition for Genocide Response


Session 3

Friday 28th April 2023 (9:00 PDT/12:00 AST/12:00 EDT/17:00 BST/ 18:00 EEST)

  • Feminist Research

Karen Roopnarine, Economist at Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago –

  • Conducting Comparative Research

Marie-Luce Paris, Associate Professor, Director of UCD Centre for Human Rights,


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