Student Notices

Guild General Election 2023

Posted Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Let your voice be heard in The Guild of Students’ General Elections 2023 on Thursday, April 13, from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. 

All students eligible to vote will receive an invitation notification from the virtual election platform ElectionBuddy via their student email. Each student will be assigned a unique access key that can only be used to vote once, as only one ballot will be issued per voter. All votes will be anonymous and confidential.

N.B: If you forward or reply to the notification email to vote, your vote will not be registered.
Ballots will be assigned according to Faculty, with your specific student registration status and the respective nominated Faculty representative who you will be able to vote for.

For example, only a part-time and evening student will be allowed to vote for the Part-time and Evening Representative, and only a student belonging to the Faculty of Social Sciences will be allowed to vote for the Faculty of Social Sciences representative.

All other designations, namely President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Chairpersons, will be able to receive votes from all students regardless of Faculty, student status or designation.


How to Vote

  • Students are to use their ElectionBuddy Notice to access their assigned ballot using their Access key. This Access key is randomly generated to ensure integrity. See sample (
  • Click the randomly generated access key link, view the ballot, and vote accordingly.
  • Voters reserve the right to vote for one or all eligible positions on the ballot paper.
  • In instances where there is only one candidate for any particular portfolio, voters reserve the right to issue a vote of either “Confidence”, No confidence” or “Abstain”.
  • In instances where there are two candidates for any particular portfolio, voters reserve the right to issue a vote for “Candidate 1”, Candidate 2” or “Abstain”.
  • Voters will then be allowed to review their choices and submit them.
  • Upon successful completion of voting, the student will receive a Confirmation Notice, indicating that the selected choices have been registered, and the student will be provided with a confirmation code. See a sample of the confirmation code here: (1b0ab859def93a3) 



According to Schedule 18(16), Guild Constitution 2009, once the Election has concluded, results will be automatically tabulated and published on all Notice Boards provided on Campus for Guild Notices within 24 hours of the closing of the poll. For this virtual exercise, results will be published to the Guild of Students’ Facebook and Instagram accounts. 


Below are the candidates for the Guild of Students’ General Elections 2023


  • Jabari Hosten
  • Aishwarya Maharaj
  • Tyler-Marie Mungal
  • Fana Wiggins


Vice President

  • Josef Paty
  • Tyrese St Louis



  • Tishia John
  • Rashanda Phillip
  • Sanjana Aarti Ragbir



  • Reina Hay
  • Mekel Mason
  • Quashawn Mayers 
  • Inool Nabbie 
  • Celeste Samuel


Post Graduate Representative

  • Bradley Osbourne
  • Edmund Jarrell Thomas


Part-Time and Evening Representative

  • Shenelle Vincent


Student Activity Committee Chairperson

  • Kedisha Bethelmy
  • Vedanand Hargobin
  • Kajol Roop


Games Committee Chairperson

  • Gerald Edwards
  • Shovonne George


Publications Committee Chairperson

  • Amrutha Chandramohan
  • Joshua Fedryck Hinds


International Affairs Committee Chairperson

  • Petrus Edward Jr
  • Crystal Amrita Singh


National Affairs Committee Chairperson 

  • Amelia Aveeta Ramkissoon


Faculty of Social Sciences Representative

  • Crystel Ann Agard
  • Zephion Lee-Harris
  • Hosea Thomas


Faculty of Science And Technology Representative

  • Liam Mohammed
  • Josiah Tenia


Faculty of Engineering

  • Joanna Glasgow


Faculty of Medical Sciences

  • Jonathan Salamat


Faculty of Sport

  • Vacant


Faculty of Humanities And Education Representative

  • Haile Mungal


Faculty of Law Representative

  • Koffi Paul
  • Jehoshua Williams


Faculty of Food Agriculture

  • Mercedes Archer



In order to facilitate this virtual exercise, the Guild of Students will be using the third-party election platform, Election Buddy, ( This virtual election activity will require the following student information to be shared with Election Buddy.

- Student name;

- Student UWI ID number;

- UWI student email address; and

- Student Faculty information.

This information will not be disclosed/shared for any purpose other than to facilitate the 2023 Virtual Guild Election process so as to confirm students' voter eligibility.


If you do not wish for this information to be shared as outlined above, please contact by Monday, April 03, 2023 indicating this preference

However, please be advised that should you prefer not to have this information shared; you will not be eligible to take part in the upcoming election process.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


For further information on Guild Elections 2023, please contact