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APPLY NOW: Campus Mentorship Programme for Staff

Posted Thursday, March 23, 2023

We at the HR Division have been reviewing our work plans and have identified employee engagement as a key objective of the Division’s Strategy for the campus, which is in-line with The UWI Triple A Strategic Plan 2022-2027, Phase II: The Revenue Revolution.

As we work towards improving our employee engagement, we have formed a committee to assess the data and to identify and propose initiatives which we will undertake.  One of the initiatives identified is the re-introduction of a Campus Mentorship Programme.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is designed to help and support you as you manage your own learning in order to maximise your potential, develop your skills, improve your performance and become the person you want to be.


Why is mentoring important?

Key objectives of our Mentorship Programme are:

-          Support staff members in navigating their careers and provide guidance for career choices

-          Provide networking opportunities for collaboration and research

-          Assist in personal and professional growth

-          Build on The UWI’s reputation for investing in its employees

-          Provide an opportunity for sharing institutional knowledge

-          Foster employee engagement and staff retention


A successful mentoring relationship is based on openness, relational authenticity, trust, rapport, transparency and confidentiality by the mentor and mentee. The mentoring relationship will focus on supporting staff members in the following areas:

-          Research and publication

-          Teaching

-          Grant writing

-          Entrepreneurial activity

-          Commercialisation

-          Networking

-          Public service

-           Leadership

-          Creativity and innovation

-          Outreach and university service


Feel free to let us know if there are any other areas which you would like to see included.


Who are our mentors?

The mentors who will be working with you are fellow members of staff who have excelled in their respective fields. We have curated a team of mentors who are not only willing to share their professional knowledge, but to also offer emotional support, encouragement and inspiration.


Who can apply to the Campus Mentorship Programme?

If you are looking for support to navigate to the next step of your career, apply to be mentored. This call for mentees is open until March 31, 2023.

Click here to access the Mentee Profile Form. The completed form should be forwarded to .

Should you have any questions about this programme, please feel free to reach out to the HR Division at .


I look forward to having you join us for the Campus Mentorship Programme as we work together to aid your personal and professional growth.


Mrs Coreen Copland-Campbell

Director, Human Resources Division


Click here to download the promotional flyer for this programme.