Student Notices

Recorded Webinars for Exam Prep

Posted Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) has made the recordings of their Exam Prep webinars available to you.

Coping With Assessment Anxiety

Global research studies identify assessment (test) anxiety as one of the most common anxiety types present and rising among students. Assessment anxiety has been demonstrated to have an inverse relationship with academic performance, is present in both genders, and in both younger and older age groups.  

This interactive workshop will provide opportunity for participants (students) to explore perspectives and adaptive-behavioural and emotion-focused coping strategies that could be significantly helpful in tackling assessment-related anxiety.

Upon completion of this workshop, participants (students) will be able to:

  • Identify characteristics of assessment anxiety.
  • Recommend effective coping strategies for dealing with assessment anxiety.
  • Create 3-5 minute scenarios that illustrate coping strategies to mitigate assessment anxiety.


Mastering Multiple Choice Questions

This webinar is designed to guide learners (students) in taking the necessary steps in improving their handling of MCQs. Designed with learners in mind, this webinar provides useful tips in effectively navigating through multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Examinations that comprise MCQs have become almost staple in assessments at the UWISTA. While much of the focus has been on the design of such assessments, the support for students/learners expected to complete these activities is limited. These practical tips will help students improve their chances of success in MCQ examinations.

Topics Included:

  • The 3 Stages in Managing MCQs/Exams
  • Preparing for an MCQ
  • Controlling Anxiety
  • Strategies for Identifying the Correct MCQ Answer/Response.