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Registering for Summer School? Here's All You Need to Know

Posted Monday, May 13, 2024

Course registration for Summer Semester (Semester III) 2023/24 is open and will close on Saturday, June 08. Please note that a late fee will apply from Sunday, June 02. Registration will be done entirely online. 

To successfully register, all the steps outlines below must be followed.



1. Download the Summer School Application/ Registration form at: using the respective Faculty link.

2. Submit the completed form together with scanned copies of all supporting documents to the respective Faculty email address, for Faculty’s approval.

3. Faculty decision forwarded via email. Once approved, a UWI Student ID and password will be provided and student can proceed with registration.

NB. UWI students from other campuses must retain their home campus’s UWI ID number



To access the online registration go to the Student Portal. User ID is 8-digit or 9-digit UWI Student ID number and initial password i.e. Date of birth yyyymmdd.

1. Select courses online and click register to complete registration. Click here to access the online registration guide for assistance with registration.

2. Follow instructions from Step 3 below for the payment of fees.


STEP 2: SELECT COURSES ONLINE (currently enrolled students of The UWI St. Augustine Campus)

1. Check the course offerings webpage for a list of courses being offered in Summer School before seeking to select course(s) online.

To access the online registration go to the Student Portal. Login ID is 8-digit or 9-digit student ID number and existing password.



The Registration Fee Assessment/Invoice printout will indicate the fees payable based on the course load and must be used to obtain financial clearance.



i. Log into the Student Portal to register for Fee Pay.

ii. Click "mySecureArea".

iii. Follow the order of activities under the heading ‘Registration Road Map’:

1. Select the semester with an active status to enrol for courses online

2. Print Fee Sheet

3. Select ‘Fee Pay’ to enroll in a payment plan.

Click here to view a FEE PAY tutorial video.

Click here to read the FEE PAY FAQs.

Click here to read more on the various payment options that are available.

NB. All fees (including any applicable late charges) must be paid by the last working day of June 2024.



1. Submit Registration Documents

These must be submitted via e-Courier using your UWI student email before the instalment payment deadline dates. Click here to access the eCourier portal

You are required to scan and upload the following documents (where applicable) as ONE PDF document.

a. Signed fee assessment sheet

b. Signed e-GATE application form (where applicable)

c. Scholarship letter (where applicable)

d. Proof of payment (where applicable): Bank Deposit Slip (Front and Back) OR Online Transfer OR Wire transfer

e. Final Project/Thesis Submission receipt (where applicable)

f. Approved Tuition Waiver Forms (where applicable)


The PDF documents should be re-named using:

1. Student ID number

2. Student’s full name (first name and last name)

3. Faculty (Choose from: FSS, FST, FMS, FOE, FHE, FFA, FOL, AOS-Academy of Sport)

Eg. 816000430SamPaulFSS


*For Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago ONLY

NOTE: Students accessing GATE funding must register for the GATE e-Service ID at the GATE Registration Centre (GRC) or via GATE website or call 800-GATE for information.

The eGATE Application Form must be signed at the top ensuring the following information is included:

Period: September 2023 to August 2024

Academic Year: 2023/2024

Semester: 3

NOTE: If the above information on the eGATE Application Form is incorrect, it will not be accepted.


1. Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago who are pursuing a Senate approved programme with a third term must register for GATE

2. Citizens of Trinidad & Tobago who are pursuing a Senate approved programme with a third term –

(i) Who have registered for courses in 2023/2024 Semester I & II


(ii) Who are registering for the first time for academic year 2023/2024 must complete and submit the following documents:

a. Signed e-GATE application form

b. Registration Fee Assessment Invoice - ensuring that the student agreement is signed at the bottom of the invoice

c. Proof of payment of Compulsory Fees

 - Students can check for access to My-elearning within 24 hours.

 - If you have not received financial clearance, please ensure there are no financial holds on your account before contacting representatives of the Bursary Students Accounts & Receivables Section.


Registration documents submitted after the deadline date for payment of the last instalment i.e. June 30 2024 may experience a delay in updating of your student records and an AR Hold on your account.

After submission of registration documents, students are encouraged to check their emails frequently for responses from ecourier on the status.



(i) New students having obtained financial clearance can visit the ID Card Office's website by clicking here for further instructions on how to access the UWI Student ID/Smart card. For further information, the ID Card Office can be contacted at

New ID cards/Smart Cards are only issued to new students, re-entry students or students from other UWI campuses.


(a) You must obtain financial clearance in order to obtain a UWI Student ID Card/Smart Card.

(b) You must produce picture identification (i.e. valid passport or National ID card) to obtain your UWI Student ID Card/Smart card.


 - On receiving financial clearance the UWI Student ID Card/Smart Card is automatically revalidated

 - If previous UWI ID card has not been replaced with the new Smartcard ID card, a new UWI Smart Card must be obtained. Please produce the old ID card to the ID Card Office for immediate replacement.

 - If the UWI ID Card has expired, students are required to have your photograph taken to obtain a new UWI Smart Card.

If you require any further assistance, please contact the relevant person/office as listed below:

Helpdesk BANNER-Related Queries:

FEE Pay/ Financial Clearance Queries: Bursary Service Desk at

Assistance with Student Portal, PIN Reset, myeLearning:

Student Affairs (Admissions):

Graduate Studies & Research: