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Posted Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Are you interested in sharing your expert opinions with higher education colleagues across the globe? Get published in THE CAMPUS brought to you by Times Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed.

The current call for content explores practical advice from and for Higher Education professionals on:

First-generation students practical advice from and for HE professionals on: | Deadline for content: Monday, December 18

-        How university recruitment can reach first-generation students

-        How to help first-gen students in the university application process

-        Working with high-school counsellors to support first-gen students’ university goals

-        Supporting first-gen students when they arrive on campus

-        Establishing peer-to-peer support networks for first-generation students

-        How to understand your first-gen students’ needs

-        Ensuring retention among first-gen students

-        Providing the right resources for students who work alongside study

-        Ensuring communication about campus life and extracurricular activities speaks to first-gen students

-        What first-gen students can teach others about resilience

-        How to ensure career advice and opportunities reach first-gen students

-        Ensuring mental health and well-being support reaches first-gen students

-        How to support first-gen students who are from minority backgrounds or have protected characteristics

How to get your research out there practical advice from and for HE professionals on: | Deadline for content: Tuesday January 2, 2024

-         Strategies for finding the best media, social channels and audience for your research

-         How to translate your research for a general audience

-         When is the right time to publicise your research?

-         Managing the message after the press release goes out

-         Reasons not to be a public scientist

-         Building institutional support for public engagement with research

-         How to design outreach programmes to promote your research

-         Conference presentations 101: best practice for slides and speaking

-         How to communicate research to policymakers and politicians

Fostering a civic mindset in students practical advice from and for HE professionals on:

- How to encourage students to register to vote - and to vote!

- Teaching the importance of democracy

- Linking critical thinking and combating dis/misinformation to civic outreach

- How to recruit students for outreach programmes

- How to use co-creation to engage students in civic activities

- Supporting students’ unions and other campus groups

- How to establish/encourage campus-based support initiatives (such as a foodbank or clothing exchange)

- Getting students back to campus to encourage in-person participation

- Fostering student involvement beyond the hedges

- How to identify local projects that could benefit both students and the community

- How to foster free speech and open debate on campus

- Working with student activism

Deadline for content: Monday, 15 January


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