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Become an Advocate for Community Engagement

Posted Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Are you a UWI student with a passion for community service? Are you usually the one to advocate for any of these causes: animal welfare, community development, green initiatives, youth development, empowerment initiatives, or mental health awareness? Be a part of this extraordinary student leadership programme with an emphasis on service to others. Register to serve as student leaders charged with being Advocates for Community Engagement (ACE). 

Persons interested in applying are encouraged to carefully read and consider the information presented and in doing so carefully consider:      

- Your ability to commit to the responsibilities that enrolment as an ACE Student demands 

- Your personal views and passions for being actively involved in the community and interacting with various groups  

- Your ability to effectively manage your time as we promote a healthy balance between your academic pursuits and activities that help develop your skills and competencies.  


Purpose of the Advocates for Community Engagement 

The overarching purpose of the Advocates for Community Engagement is to assist in championing the cause of Community Engagement on the St. Augustine Campus. Community Engagement encompasses community service (volunteering), and outreach as well as research based on community issues for the benefit of the society. As an ACE Student, you will be charged with actively encouraging all aspects of Community Engagement on campus, which will directly impact The UWI’s presence in the wider society and promote its mission to advance learning, create knowledge and foster innovation for the positive transformation within the wider region.  

The UWI St. Augustine Advocates for Community Engagement exists to: 

1.      Encourage social, cultural and environmental responsiveness amongst the campus population as this is one of the attributes of a “Distinctive UWI Graduate”.  

2.      Work with Community Engagement staff in seeking positive ways to enhance service, leadership, initiative and social responsibility among the student body.  


Requirements & Responsibilities 

Interested persons are required to demonstrate: 

- A positive attitude towards the UWI, including a commitment to embody the key attributes of a “Distinctive UWI Graduate”

- Their support of a range of UWI St. Augustine activities and events

- A commitment to active participation in Community Service activities; assuming leadership roles in many cases

- A keen sense of responsibility

- A high level of motivation, including the ability to motivate others and build a spirit of social justice, advocacy and activism

- An ability to manage academic responsibilities as well as commitments related to the role of an Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE) Student

- Adherence to the University’s rules and guidelines as stipulated within the “Code of Principles and Responsibilities for Students”


As an ACE Student, you are required to commit at least forty (40) volunteer hours for the academic year. Responsibilities will include but not limited to: 

- Social Media management including content creation for the Community Engagement & Service Learning unit, which will be posted on the department’s social media pages. Scheduling and posting a variety of content geared towards the encouragement of service and acknowledgement of observances on the pages. Updating information and events the unit and its partnered organizations will be hosting

- Telemarketing duties; ensuring that when necessary, all parties are contacted via phone calls which will provide them with necessary information regarding various activities and events

- Generating innovative ideas for programmes, to attract the campus population to be actively involved in Community Engagement

- Active involvement in the recruiting of students for enrolment and commitment to partnered NGOs and service activities

- Actively participate as crew members for events hosted by the unit. This includes assisting with decorating, creating event programs, set-up and break-down at events; along with any other tasks identified for the successful execution of events



Applications are invited for all fully registered students of the UWI St. Augustine Campus.  Inevitably not all students will be given the title of an Advocate for Community Engagement; however, there are many opportunities available throughout the semester for students to be actively involved in Community Engagement activities and gain leadership and other skills and competencies. This involvement will prove valuable to students when applying to be ACE Students for the following year. 

N.B: Please note that you are required to include both a copy of your résumé along with an unofficial transcript for this application to be complete. If you are unable to upload using the inbuilt feature on the form please email your documents to with the email subject: Applications for ACE- Documents 


Applications will be considered based on proven commitment to community service coupled with strong leadership abilities. Persons who have been actively involved in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and/or community-based organizations (CBOs) will be highly considered. However, if this is not the case, but you have a desire to become involved in Community Engagement, please apply.  

Application here: ACE Student Leadership registration 

Applications close on Friday, September 29, 2023


N.B: Successful applicants will be expected to attend an all-day training session on Saturday 14th October 2023.  


If you require additional information please contact Ms Emily Joseph at or or 662-2002 ext 84188