Campus Bulletins

Be Mindful of Where You Park

Posted Monday, February 19, 2024

Across the campus, parking spots marked with the symbol shown below are reserved exclusively for students, staff and visitors with disabilities. Only those with officially issued special parking passes are authorised to use these designated parking spots.

However, it has been brought to our attention that vehicles, without these specially issued parking passes have been occupying these parking spots. These designated spaces are essential for individuals who need the extra room to park, enter and exit their vehicles safely. Unauthorised use of these designated spots compromises the accessibility for those with legitimate physical disabilities, forcing them to find alternative parking—a challenge that can be significantly difficult.

Therefore, unless your vehicle carries the requisite parking pass that allows for parking in the spots that are marked with the symbol below, you are asked to please refrain from utilising these parking spaces, for parking or waiting. Vehicles without the requisite pass on display will be clamped.

We look forward to your cooperation and urge you to please be aware of how you choose to utilise the resources and facilities on the campus. Let's be considerate of and courteous to all members of our campus community.