Student Notices

The New Student Portal is Ready

Posted Friday, February 23, 2024

We are happy to inform you about some exciting updates we've made to the student portal. We've been working hard behind the scenes to enhance your campus experience, and we can't wait for students to explore the powerful new features.

The new portal can be accessed by going to

If users encounter any issues with using their current password,they can click here for guidance on how it can be changed.

Read on for more guidelines and details on the features of the new student portal.


When users login to the new portal, a message asking to Please choose your preferences will appear. Users should click 'Ok' and then select either one of the two options presented, both will reroute to the same homepage. In the weeks ahead this prompt will be removed to make login even more seamless.


One of the key updates is the introduction of My Connect, our new real-time messaging platform. With My Connect, students will never miss important notices and communications again. We'll tailor the messaging to fit their needs, whether it's individual messages or updates for the entire campus community.


We're proud to introduce My Apps, a comprehensive hub for all student-focused applications. Essential applications such as myEmail, myElearning, timetables, and more, can now be accessed conveniently all in one place. With My Apps, users will experience the ease and accessibilit.


My Drive is another exciting addition to the student portal. This centralized storage system will be used by the campus to share files, such as available software. This tab in the new student portal now makes it easier for students to access these important files and documents at anytime, and from anywhere.


We are thrilled to offer these updates as a means of simplifying and enhancing our students' campus experience. The new student portal is designed with their needs in mind, providing them with improved communication, convenient access to the resources that they need, and seamless file management. If users ensounter any issues, they can contact for assistance.