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Volunteer for Round 2 of the WOW Mock Interviews

Posted Thursday, February 29, 2024

Following the success of the first round of WOW Mock Interviews, the Department of Careers, Co-Curricular, and Community Engagement wishes to express their gratitude. Read on for their message below:

On behalf of the department of the Division of Student Services and Development, we wish to immensely thank The UWI staff for volunteering their time and talents at The UWI/RBL Mock Interviews on Saturday, February 24. 

The response from UWI professionals was overwhelming. These included faculty staff, the Bursary, the Library, StACIE, the Office of the Campus Principal, Marketing and Communication, and the Division of Student Services and Development. We were privileged to have them grace the JFK Auditorium as they served on interview panels. 

The positive feedback from our students corroborated the empowering and engaging experience for all parties involved. 

As we prepare for the second session of Mock Interviews on Saturday, March 9, we are seeking subject matter experts, particularly in the following areas:

·         Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and Data Analytics

·         Financial Analytics

·         Biomedical Engineering or Medical Device Experts

·         Environmental Science

·         Agricultural Technology

·         Nutrition/Dietetics

·         Marine Biology

·         Forensic Science

Please complete the form - Mock Interview Volunteer Sign up

The deadline to apply is Monday March 4

We look forward to your usual support.