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Student Group Health Plan: What You Need To Know

Posted Thursday, May 16, 2024

When enrolled at The UWI St Augustine students are also automatically signed up for Health Insurance. Here are the details of the Student Group Health Plan.

- All students at the St. Augustine Campus have access to medical services provided by the Health Services Unit (HSU). You can also access medical services at the nearby St. Augustine Private Hospital (given its proximity to the Campus), along with any other private medical institution

- The UWI Student Group Health Plan offers comprehensive benefits, including emergency coverage

- A pre-certification request and a medical report are to be submitted in advance for surgical procedures

- The UWI Students Group Health Plan offers consultations and treatment with a maximum benefit of TT$120,000

- All students are covered up to the maximum age of 70, including part-time and full-time students as well

- Click here to get more information about the complete list of benefits and the claims procedure


Here are the steps to follow to access the plan:

- Visit the Bursary's website by clicking here and selecting Forms in the Quick Links text box on the right of the page

- Select, download and complete the Medical Insurance Claim Form

- Visit the Bursary Service Desk by clicking here and complete the jot form. In the section labelled 'Please select your category of funding or query,' select Medical Insurance and attach the completed claim form and receipts as one combined PDF file

- Please ensure the file name contains: Student ID Number | First name | Last name

- Upon receipt of a claim, students can expect a response within 3-5 days confirming its submission to the Insurance Brokers. Please note that claims exceeding 90 days will not be processed for submission.

- Upon receipt of feedback or a cheque, the student will be notified via email (Note: if a student does not have a local bank account, the reimbursement will be issued to The UWI, who will in turn disburse the funds to the student)

- Cheques are distributed by the Cashier on the ground floor of the Main Administration Building

For more information on getting access to the Student Group Health Plan, contact Ms. Alicia Mitchell at 662-2002 ext. 83664 or by visit the Bursary's Service Desk click here to access.