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CAPS and PCA Mind your Madness Lunchtime Workshop Series

Posted Monday, January 18, 2016

The Counselling and Psychological Service (CAPS) and the Peer Counselling Association (PCA) hosts Mind your Madness, a series of lunchtime workshops that explores aspects of common emotional and psychological conditions.

The workshops will facilitate discussion on the myths and common misunderstandings about mental illness, explore the concept of "normal" and teach persons how to recognize the “madness” in all of us.

Workshops will be held from noon to 1.30pm at the Centre for Language Learning (CLL), in the First Floor Lecture Room, on the following dates:

Thursday February 18: Truly, Madly, Deeply: OBSESSIVE LOVE

This workshop focuses on romantic feelings, particularly when they become intense and possessive, triggering difficult issues such as stalking and manipulation. What drives jealousy? When does “love” become “obsession”?

Thursday March 3: We’re all mad here: WHY SANITY IS A MYTH

The idea that some people are “mad” while others are “normal” is, quite frankly, madness. Discover how each of us can relate to aspects of “madness” and why there is no “Us versus them” anymore.

Thursday March 17: Lost in darkness: DEPRESSION

Explore the many aspects of depression – how biology influences our mood, how our mood then shapes our thinking and the way we respond to life.

Thursday March 31: Can’t stop, won’t stop: ANXIETY

Plagued by your inner critic? Wonder why everyone always judges you? Understanding how anxiety can be a helpful coping strategy and how it can become a problem of its own.

Thursday April 14: Shameful & misunderstood: SUICIDE & SELF-HARM

Why do some people deliberately cause themselves pain? Is thinking about death or suicide even normal? Is self-harm an attempt to commit suicide? This workshop will help you to understand some of the complex issues that drive these thoughts and behaviours.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Sarah Chin Yuen Kee

Counselling and Psychological Service,

Student Life & Development Unit


Tel/ext.: 662-2002 ext.82491