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UWI AgriTECH Expo: the “New Agriculture” Experience

For Release Upon Receipt - April 3, 2008

St. Augustine

Amidst growing concern over rising global food prices, The University of the West Indies (UWI) is launching a series of activities aimed at achieving food security, alleviating poverty and opening avenues for alternative means of wealth creation. The UWI Field Station will host the first of these activities, titled AgriTECH Expo 2008: Experience ‘New Agriculture’ from Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th April, 2008.

At AgriTECH Expo 2008, members of the public can visit the Field Station to see and experience the latest technologies driving “New Agriculture”, and explore the investment opportunities now available in the sector. There will be live demonstrations in the fields, greenhouses, technology exhibits, laboratories and livestock areas. Participants will get practical training by enrolling in any of the several workshops that will form part of the Expo.

AgriTECH Expo 2008 will feature innovations in Crop and Horticulture, Livestock and Aquaculture, Alternate Agricultural Livelihoods, Mechanisation in Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health, Food and Nutrition and Value-Added Product Development.

This national agricultural expo, which is sponsored by The Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago, aims to change general public perceptions of the sector. By showcasing modern farming techniques, driven by technology and innovation, organisers hope to prove that local and regional agriculture have the potential to provide attractive career and investment opportunities for both individuals and corporations. The ultimate aim is to build greater food security within the region.

AgriTECH Expo 2008 comes as the UWI marks its 60th Anniversary Celebrations. Other UWI 60th Anniversary activities related to agriculture include a Caribbean workshop addressing food security in the context of globalisation and an international conference themed, ‘Challenges Facing Agri-food Systems in the Tropics”. Both events are carded to take place in December 2008. In addition, an interactive agri-knowledge website is expected to be launched this year, to bring greater awareness of modern agriculture technologies and to share best practices around the region.

For more information on AgriTECH Expo 2008, please call (868) 662 2002 Ext. 2318.



UWI Vice Chancellor, Prof. E. Nigel Harris, is coordinating UWI staff, students and alumni to organise region-wide signature 60th Anniversary events. The Anniversary Celebrations were launched with a formal Opening Ceremony on Saturday 12th January, 2008 at UWI Cave Hill, Barbados. On July 12th to 19th, 2008, there will be a special Convocation Week at UWI Mona, Jamaica, which will include an official reception hosted by UWI Chancellor, Sir George Alleyne, and a formal banquet to be attended by several regional heads of state. As the culmination of the yearlong celebrations, a gala black-tie dinner will be hosted by UWI St. Augustine Campus on December 12th, 2008. Proceeds from all UWI 60th Anniversary initiatives will be channelled into a special UWI Regional Endowment Fund, which will facilitate infrastructural projects across the region. For more information on the UWI 60th Anniversary, please visit or contact the UWI 60th Anniversary Secretariat at; or (Tel.) 876 977 0014, Ext. 2525; or UWI 60th Anniversary Secretariat, Office of the Vice Chancellor, UWI Mona, Jamaica.


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