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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Business, Politics and Culture

For Release Upon Receipt - January 22, 2015

St. Augustine

UWI Regional Headquarters, Jamaica. 22 January 2015 The Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean presents the first ever educational programme in the region, on in-depth knowledge about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Targeting Foreign Service staff, business people, members of international organisations and international relations students, the course will run from January 26th to 30th, 2015 at The UWI’s St Augustine Campus.

Arab/Middle Eastern relations with the Caribbean date back to the 19th century, and through the discovery of oilfields and economic development, many Middle Eastern countries have become wealthy and powerful actors on the international scene; links with the Caribbean have grown slowly but steadily. This course offers a comprehensive overview of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by explaining its political, economic, cultural and legal features, to provide the knowledge needed for persons to effectively engage the KSA and pursue opportunities therein.

Each of the five days of training will focus on different themes: Understanding the KSA And Its People, The System of Governance in the KSA, The Financial & Economic Systems in the KSA., The Legal System in the KSA and the last session on Business in the KSA Participants may choose to attend the entirety of the week-long module or attend daily sessions at a reduced cost.

Since its May 2014 launch, the Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean has successfully run seven stand-alone modules, which form an integral part of a wider training in diplomacy and foreign relations for the modern Caribbean diplomat. One module, Protocol, Diplomacy and Law has been repeated twice due to its high subscription. The Academy maintains its credibility, by inviting prominent international and regional experts to lead the programmes; these individuals have high academic qualifications and outstanding records of practical experience in their respective fields. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Business, Politics and Culture training module will be facilitated by His Excellency Dr. Fahad Aldawood, a Saudi expert on the Judicial Apparatus & Law Enforcement System on the KSA and Professor Brinsley Samaroo, Trinidad and Tobago historian and former UWI lecturer.

Persons interested in registering may email, call 868-662-2002 extension 83237 or visit the Academy’s website at


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