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Arthur Lok Jack GSB hosts Harvard Business conference

For Release Upon Receipt - June 9, 2008

St. Augustine

On Thursday 15th May, 2008The University of the West Indies (UWI) Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (GSB) recently hosted the Harvard Business virtual conference, “Breakthrough Business Strategy—5 Future Strategies You Need Right Now”. Established in 1989 as a joint venture between the University of the West Indies and the private sector of Trinidad and Tobago, the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (GSB) seeks to provide postgraduate education in business and management.

Mr. George Stalk Jr., Senior Vice President of the Boston Consulting Group, was the feature presenter of the virtual conference, which was well received by over 100 local businessmen and women. Stalk is the author of “Five Future Strategies You need Right Now” and co-author of “Hardball: Are you Playing to Play or Playing to Win?”

Attendees listened as the renowned business strategist guided them through several PowerPoint presentations via the virtual seminar. Stalk identified Supply Chain Gymnastics, Sidestepping Economics of Scale, Dynamic Pricing, Embracing Complexity and Infinite Bandwidth as the five areas that will shape the business environment.

Mr. Stalk stressed throughout his presentation the importance of investing in China. “China is going to be a major source of business for Western countries”, he said as he showed an image of a vast wall of containers on a Beijing port with the heading “the second great wall of China”. The demand for port services in the US is forecasted to exceed its present capacity by the year 2010. Stalk then examined several companies that had already benefitted from future strategies - among them were Sears, GE, the ever popular Coca-Cola, and the University of Phoenix.

At the end of his presentation, Mr. Stalk told the audience that in order to invest against the China riptide it was imperative for them to develop better relationships with transportation providers; Learn to source, manufacture, launch, and withdraw products more effectively and, most importantly, do these before your competitors do!

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