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UWI Mourns the Passing of Renowned Mathematician, Professor Emeritus Charles Cadogan

For Release Upon Receipt - September 3, 2015

St. Augustine

The University of the West Indies   (The UWI) mourns the passing of Professor Emeritus Charles Cadogan, who died on Wednesday, August 26, at age 79.   

An accomplished mathematician, Professor Emeritus Cadogan gave over 30 years of service to The UWI. After obtaining his PhD in mathematics at The University’s Mona campus, he joined the staff of the Cave Hill campus in 1970, becoming its first Professor of Mathematics. He served as Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology from 1987-1991, and was also University Dean for the three physical UWI campuses, for the last two of those years. He retired in 2001.  

Professor Emeritus Cadogan was instrumental in the introduction of computers at The UWI, both as a subject to be taught and a tool to improve administrative efficiency. He was chairman of the Computer Management Committee at Cave Hill and the wider UWI Computer Committee. He led the process of integrating the subjects of mathematics, physics and computer science into a practical department for teaching and research. Internationally, he was a highly regarded mathematics lecturer and researcher who gained respect for his contribution to one of the most perplexing problems within the discipline: the ‘3x+1 problem’ which has baffled academics around the world since 1937. 

UWI Vice-Chancellor and immediate past Principal of the Cave Hill Campus, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles remembers Professor Cadogan as “A socially minded scholar and humanist, a dedicated sportsman, and a colleague of whom it can be said represented collegiality at its finest.” He added: "I played cricket with him, discussed with him strategies to promote the mathematical sciences, and in his retirement, I jogged around the 3Ws Oval (in Barbados) with him. He possessed a kind and developmental mind and was committed to the advancement of students and the improvement of colleagues. He loved The UWI and dedicated his energy and consciences to the advancement of its enhancement." 

Principal of The University’s Cave Hill Campus, Professor Eudine Barriteau, recalls that even after     Professor Emeritus Cadogan retirement, he remained a valued member of the campus community as a part time lecturer, and continued to give support and leadership to the floundering mathematics discipline at the Cave Hill Campus. He taught as recently as the 2015 summer semester and died weeks short of his upcoming 80th birthday on October 08. Professor Barriteau stated, “I also knew him in another capacity. He enjoyed exercising and a belief in the nutritional value of local foods. Many Saturday mornings in the 1990s, he and I were the only occupants of the UWI gym and he regaled me with stories about exercising and its importance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Professor Cadogan will be sorely missed and the Campus is grateful for his dedicated service and commitment.” 

Current Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at the Cave Hill Campus, Dr Colin Depradine recalls Professor Emeritus Cadogan’s unmatched phenomenal success rate as a lecturer. He said, “The UWI has suffered a great loss…we have lost a vast amount of knowledge about the history of mathematics on the island, interconnections between the primary, secondary and tertiary levels and, an understanding of how mathematics in the Caribbean has reached the current crisis it is in now. It will take decades to rediscover and rebuild that lost knowledge.”  

Persons desirous of sharing expressions of condolence and tributes to Professor Cadogan may submit them to for publication. 

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