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UWI and Trinity College chart a new Caribbean path at international conference

For Release Upon Receipt - February 15, 2016

St. Augustine

Global scholars examine Caribbean intersections across disciplines

In the midst of economic downturn cycles, one constant is that the Caribbean is rich in terms of its people, culture and its contributions internationally in every sphere.  This powerful sense of “Caribbeaness” has intrigued many.  The region continues to attract researchers, as well as professionals and members of the general public who sense that if harnessed properly the Caribbean can chart a novel developmental path.  The University of the West Indies in collaboration with Trinity College present the transdisciplinary three-day conference, Turning Tides: Caribbean Intersections in the Americas and Beyond taking place on February 18 to 20, 2016.

The Conference happens at the UWI St. Augustine School of Education and aims to reposition our understanding of “The Caribbean” in the context of 2016 through provocative wide–reaching, transdisciplinary conversations about the instabilities, changes, developments, perspectives and future trends which intersect the cultures and societies bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. Discussion will range from our indigenous peoples to the 2016 Olympics as international scholars discuss themes including but not limited to Caribbean Identity, Religion, History, Film, Gangspeak, Gender and many others. 

Participants can look forward to global thinkers sharing multimedia presentations, panels, roundtable discussions, installations, and performances from the University of Massachusetts, Wesleyan University, University of Grenada and many other tertiary institutes. There will be special sessions open to the general public on Saturday February 20, featuring a round table on Trinidad and Tobago’s 2016 Olympic bid and Professor Patricia Mohammed, will screen her award winning documentary film City on a Hill which she co-directed with Michael Mooleedhar.  Other special sessions include a tribute to renowned masman, Peter Minshall, which will feature the documentary Paradise Lost in honour of the 40th anniversary of Minshalls’ first band.  Christopher Laird will also showcase Banyan in a special presentation reflecting on local television, images and stories.

The Conference registration fees are as follows:

·         $150 US (approx. $965 TTD) - Regular Participants (full three-day session)

·         $100 US (approx. $645 TTD) - Postgraduate Students (full three-day session)

·         $50 US  (approx. $325 TTD)-  Per Session fee

·         $15 US (approx. $95 TTD)  -  For persons purchasing lunch for a day (collected in person at the conference)

Persons can register online by visiting the website:



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