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Three New UWI Professors Announced

For Release Upon Receipt - December 15, 2016


Regional Headquarters, Jamaica. December 15, 2016: Dr Jean-Pierre Louboutin of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mona Campus and Drs Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw and Jerome De Lisle both of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, St. Augustine Campus are the newest professors at The University of the West Indies (The UWI). 

The three were recently promoted to the highest academic rank at the institution following a rigorous assessment process, which included a review of their respective distinguished and original works and professional activities as well as their contributions to the enhancement of the University’s reputation.

At The UWI, promotion to a professorship must also be supported by external assessors selected by the Vice-Chancellor, after consultation with the Dean of the applicant’s respective Faculty. The endorsements from external assessors for Louboutin, Walcott-Hackshaw and De Lisle confirm their exemplary performance and justified their promotion to the rank of professor.

The following are some comments from the external assessors involved in the review process:

Dr Jean-Pierre Louboutin – “Of the 90 listed peer-reviewed papers, Dr Jean-Pierre  Louboutin is either the first or last author of 46 indicating that he did or supervised most of the work himself. In my experience 46 such papers would be above average at the time of promotion to full professor. It is evident that Dr Louboutin continues to collaborate with other researchers and can be expected to bring credit to your institution.”

Dr Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw – “Dr Walcott-Hackshaw's dossier is unusual in that she shows equal facility and skill as both a creative writer and as a scholar. In fact, she has major accomplishments in both areas, demonstrating a record of distinguished original work...thereby warranting the promotion with little question. Both aspects of Walcott-Hackshaw's work demonstrate an engaged commitment and preoccupation with achieving cultural, pan-Caribbean communication and understanding.”

Dr Jerome De Lisle – “By any measure, Dr Jerome De Lisle has been quite prolific in his publications...[he] seems to be actively engaged in researching, publishing, teaching, administrating and a wide range of scholarly activities at national and international levels. He is a prolific author in all forms of academic writing and it seems he enjoys high regard within the community of education leadership studies. The quality and quantity of his scholarly activity and his recognition make him a genuine and credible candidate for full professorship.”

Dr Jean-Pierre Louboutin is now Professor in Anatomy, Dr Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw, Professor in French Literature and Creative Writing and Dr Jerome De Lisle holds the title Professor in Education Leadership.


Dr Jean-Pierre Louboutin

Since 2012 French national Dr Jean-Pierre Louboutin has served as a Senior Lecturer in the Anatomy Section of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences at The University of the West Indies’ Mona Campus. He also holds the position of Visiting Scholar Associate and Consultant in the Gene Therapy programme at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania; a programme in which he was previously a postdoctoral fellow and a Research Associate.

Dr Louboutin, who took up his first residency in 1982, has been involved in higher education since being Assistant-Professor of Neurology in 1987 and was certified as a Neurologist in 1991. Early in his career (1986) he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Hospitals of the University of Nantes. As his career progressed, Dr Louboutin has gone on to author more than 90 peer-reviewed publications; 17 book chapters, numerous papers and conference presentations and also has two books in preparation — Gene therapy in Neurology with Nova Science Publishers and HIV-1 Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND) with Bentham Publishers. He has also sat as a member of the editorial board for more than 31 international journals and served as a reviewer for over 60 international journals.

The work of this distinguished scholar focuses on stem cell and gene therapy, HIV-1 associated neurocognitive disorder, neurovirology, HTLV-1, neuromuscular disorder, neuroscience and neurology. Dr Louboutin makes very real contributions to his field coordinating and lecturing University courses; mentoring students; securing grant funding for research—so far to the tune of US$130,000.00 and as a member of the Society for Scientific Advancement.

Dr Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw

Dr Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw completed her PhD French Language and Literature in 1995 and went on to join the Faculty of Humanities and Education at The University of the West Indies’ St. Augustine Campus four years later, in 1999. Since then she has shown herself to be a true all-rounder maintaining high quality teaching, research and publication portfolios simultaneously.

A Senior Lecturer in French Literature since 2009, Walcott-Hackshaw teaches, coordinates and supervises academic work at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. As a scholar, known to be a leading researcher in Haitian literature, she has secured upwards of US$30,000.00 in grant funding.  As an academic and published author Dr Walcott-Hackshaw has published two books of fiction; a collection of short stories, Four Taxis Facing North, and a novel Mrs. B. Her short stories have been widely anthologized and translated. She has co-edited four works including Caribbean Research: Literature, Discourse and Culture; Border Crossings: A Trilingual Anthology of Caribbean Women Writers; Echoes of the Haitian Revolution: 1804-2004; and Reinterpreting the Haitian Revolution and its Cultural Aftershocks. She has also co-edited three Special Francophone issues in the journal Small Axe. She is currently working on another collection of short stories and a scholarly book project titled ‘The Poetics of Trauma in Caribbean Writings’.

Dr Walcott-Hackshaw served as a Deputy Dean Graduate Studies and Research in the Faculty of Humanities and Education for six years. Presently, she is Board Member of the University Committee Graduate Studies and Research. She also serves as a member of the Board in numerous campus-wide committees. She has delivered several literary readings, invited lectures, conference presentations, and creative writing workshops. 

Dr Jerome De Lisle 

Dr Jerome De Lisle has been a Senior Lecturer in Educational Administration at the School of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Education, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus since 2010. He teaches postgraduate courses on measurement and evaluation and educational leadership, and also supervises a significant complement of postgraduate students. Dr De Lisle also played a leading role in the development of the new Masters programme: MEd Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment and has contributed significantly to the new MEd Educational Leadership.

Dr De Lisle’s core areas of research and training competence include education evaluation, research methods, student assessment, educational measurement and whole system reform. More specifically his research into the analysis of student performance in the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA), computer adaptive testing, the development of value added and traditional school performance measures, and evaluation of education systems all have local, regional and international relevance. These areas of expertise have opened up doors for several consultancy projects and Dr De Lisle has consulted for different organisations such as the Tobago House of Assembly; The Ministry of Education, Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT); Mount Saint Vincent University and McGill University.  He was awarded the Nuffield Foundation Fellowship in 1994 and in 2014 was recognised for his research and named Most Outstanding Researcher of the Year by the Faculty of Humanities and Education, St. Augustine Campus.

Dr De Lisle has 25 peer reviewed articles, three book chapters, one monograph and has produced more than 80 conference papers and/or posters and numerous technical reports. 

These appointments were effective as at September 28, 2016.


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