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UWI Lecturers receive French National Awards

For Release Upon Receipt - December 15, 2008

St. Augustine

Two French Lecturers of The University of The West Indies (UWI), Mr. Eric Maitrejean and Dr. Beverly-Anne Carter, have received the “Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes académiques” (The insignia of l’Ordre des Palmes académique), an award instituted by Napoleon in 1808 to reward the promotion of the French language and culture.

The UWI Lecturers received the awards from the French Government at a ceremony held at the French Ambassador’s residence in St. Clair on Friday 5th December, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. They were honoured by the French government for their work in the academic field and for “preserving and encouraging what we consider to be an essential vehicle for the spread of our culture and our ideas.”

Mr. Michel Trinquier, French Ambassador to Trinidad, who presented the award, stated that, “The French Government would like to show its gratitude for the spreading of our language in this country and more than this, the deepening of relations between Trinidad and Tobago and France.”

In his reply to the citations delivered by the French Ambassador, Mr. Maitrejean expressed his gratitude to his mentor Mr. Denis Solomon and many others who assisted him in his personal and professional development. He also spoke of the deep satisfaction he attains from teaching, noting, “I am not a painter, I cannot show you my work. I am not a musician, I cannot make you listen to my compositions. The only thing I can show you are my students.”

Dr. Carter, in her reply, revealed that at a mere twelve years old she fell “head over heels in love with the French language.” She detailed how great an impact French language and culture have had on her personal and professional life, saying that she felt French had a part to play in all of her “richest experiences.” Dr. Carter expressed her hope to continue to spread her love for the French language in Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr. Beverly-Anne Carter is the current Director of the Centre for Language Learning, UWI, St.  Augustine Campus. She has earned her Masters in Education and French Language and literature in Besancon, France and her Doctorate in linguistics at UWI. She has served the University as a Senior Lecturer and also in the capacity as Deputy Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Education.  

Mr. Eric Maitrejean earned his Masters of Arts in English with an elective in translation and theatre. He is also the holder of a Postgraduate Diploma in French as a Foreign Language and Intercultural studies. He is also credited with launching the Association known as ‘Un coin Francais’. At present, he is a Lecturer in French Language at UWI, where is the sole person responsible for the implementation of the Postgraduate Diploma in Interpreting.  


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