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University School 1st All-Inclusive Carnival Fete

For Release Upon Receipt - January 14, 2009

St. Augustine

The University School, an affiliate of The University of the West Indies (UWI) will host its 1st All-Inclusive Carnival Fete on Sunday 1st February, 2009 from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. on the school grounds, Gordon Street, St. Augustine. This event boasts live performances by some of Trinidad’s most popular performers, including Ms. Destra Garcia.

Other performers at the event are Anil Bheem and the BMRZ and Ms. Nadia Batson. Guests will also be able to enjoy Live Tassa and DJ Lallo. The menu at this event will include, Caribbean Stewed Fish, Portugal Pork, Creole Chicken, Calalloo, Coo coo, Curried Chicken, Curried shrimp, Geera, Doubles, Shark and Bake, Corn Soup and much more.

At present, the school is in the process of renovating its fifty year old structure and is in need of financial assistance. This school is a non-profit making school operated by The University School Association. This co-educational school educates children from the age of 4 years up to the age of admission to secondary school. The University School started in 1954 with its initial aim to provide educational facilities for children of the senior staff of the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture (ICTA), replaced in 1966 by The University of the West Indies.

The University School prides itself on a wholistic approach to education. As a result, the school has a very broad curriculum which includes swimming, PE, pan, choir, recorder, art and Spanish. Several children have placed in the top 100 in SEA over the years, and graduates from The University School have gone on to win National Scholarships. The school also excels in extra- curricular activities, as it recently topped the East Zone Swim Meet by a great margin. The musical talent of the students is event as both the school’s Folk Choir and the Advanced Pan Side performed on National television after excelling in the Music Festival. The University School also has avid scrabble, chess, cricket, football and Cub Scout clubs. This institution is devoted to the development of healthy, enlightened, self-reliant children in an environment of caring, committed teachers and families.

The contribution for this affair is TT$500 and proceeds go to the school building fund.

For tickets to The University School’s 1st All-inclusive Fete, please contact The University School at 662-4832, Michele 720-2702, Randall 704-1909, Andrea 461-5500, Jewel 752-9183.Please note that a shuttle service is available from Open campus, Gordon Street, St. Augustine.


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