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Minister of Education commits to supporting UWI

For Release Upon Receipt - March 22, 2018

St. Augustine

Speaking today at a post-Campus Council Meeting Press Conference at The University of the West Indies’ St. Augustine Campus Minister of Education, The Honourable Anthony Garcia committed the government to making its contributions to The UWI in a timely manner. “Our position has always been that cuts in education do not heal… we will give as much as our resources will allow and we will always be here to help sustain The University of the West Indies. In the past ours has been one of the regional governments that has made its contributions on time. We have faltered a bit over the last year or two but I want to give the assurance to the University community that we have a commitment not only to support the university but to ensure that our support is given on time” he said.  

The UWI St. Augustine hosted its annual Campus Council Meeting at the Teaching and Learning Complex, Circular Road, St. Augustine and Pro Vice-Chancellor and Campus Principal Professor Brian Copeland presented highlights of the 2016/2017 Annual Report under the theme Matta Season. Professor Copeland shared his vision for creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship as the Campus responds to the changing mandate for education, declining economies and a need for strategic but practical approaches to revitalizing the Caribbean. 

In his final message as Chair of the St. Augustine Campus Council Mr. Ewart Williams was pleased to note that the campus has managed the financially difficult times admirably, not as an organisation blindsided by a crisis and making disorderly adjustments but as one that is resilient and firmly committed to doing more with less.  

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Hilary Beckles also commended the campus for doing what is required to navigate the difficult season and was particularly satisfied with the leadership of the campus that has ensured a sustainable, bottom-up approach to strategizing where the campus community has been collectively mobilized.

The 2016/ 2017 report is available online at




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Image1 – Campus Principal, Professor Brian Copeland presents his report at the St. Augustine Campus Council Meeting 2018.

Image2 – The Honourable Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia commits GORTT to supporting The UWI

Image 3 – The panel at the post-Campus Council meeting press conference, UWI St. Augustine


About The Campus Council 

Each Campus of The University of the West Indies has a Campus Council. The Campus Council is the governing and executive body of the Campus, with powers vested by the University Council, to manage all matters as prescribed in Statute 21 and subject to The UWI’s Charter. At each meeting of Campus Council, the Campus Principal reports to the membership all activities undertaken over the previous academic year, and these include inter alia academic and curriculum updates, changing statistics on students enrolment and graduate throughput, and staffing across all levels of the Campus; management and expansion of the physical Campus sites; and strategic initiatives that are being undertaken to enhance the delivery of all services provided by the Campus. Additionally, the Campus Bursar reports on the audited financial statements for the year in review, and beyond the balance sheet and income statements information is provided on cash flow, finances, accounts, and investments. 


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