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In this together – A Married Couple’s Road to Graduation

For Release Upon Receipt - October 22, 2021

St. Augustine

ST. AUGUSTINE, Trinidad and Tobago. October 22, 2021 –. The road towards securing an education never comes easy but married couple Satyum Rampersad and Leana Sookram-Rampersad never faltered in walking the road of academic success together at The University of The West Indies (The UWI), St. Augustine. “It requires a great amount of sacrifice, perseverance, dedication, prioritisation, and many sleepless nights of hard work to study”, said the 2021 UWI graduands as they recalled their experience.

Despite being unable to begin their journey to tertiary education immediately after secondary school, the Rampersads never allowed this obstacle to erode their hopes of securing a better education. Always believing that education is an integral aspect of life, Satyum and Leana didn’t settle for mediocrity. They knew that they needed “to fulfil their potential and The University of the West Indies presented an opportunity for this dream to materialise”.

Maintaining full-time jobs while attending school on evenings kept Satyum and Leana questioning whether they would make it. Recounting their typical afternoon journey, “prior to COVID-19, we commuted from Princes Town to St. Augustine on an almost daily basis, facing that gruesome evening traffic, rushing to class, and not having one spare minute to grab something to eat.” During this time, some days were harder than others and despite pursing differing programmes of study, they were always up to date with the other’s classes, projects, and deadlines”. The Rampersads said they always encouraged each other to keep striving, “We embraced our challenges together and celebrated our good days,” the couple explained.

No doubt a tough journey, they described time at the university as an emotional rollercoaster, “The birth of our precious son gave us that extra push to successfully close this part of our academic chapter,” stated Satyum and Leana. It was the unconditional love and support for each other which cushioned the ride.

Satyum and Leana expressed gratitude to God for his guidance and blessings throughout their academic journey and to their strong support system which has helped them attain success. “We both wish to sincerely thank Mr. Trevor Lutchman for all his administrative support over these past years”, said the couple. They also expressed thanks to their lecturers and tutors, especially Dr. Anand Rampersad, Ms. Marlene George-Mitchell, Ms. Fareena Alladin, Mr. Harold Pulwarty, and Mrs. Lue- Anda Francis- Blackman, who significantly contributed to their achievement, “We hope to see you in the near future, as the best is yet to come,” they said.

For others having a difficult time pursuing their education goals, the Rampersads offered some advice, “If any student is struggling, don’t give up. Progress is still progress, no matter how small or slow. Just don’t give up. Sometimes, only a few will genuinely be cheering you on and supporting your journey but work towards reaching your goal despite any adversities.” The couple insisted that a person should never be judged based on their family background or even the secondary school they attend. “When others say you won’t make it and call you a failure, prove them wrong!” is the Rampersads’ mantra for achieving victory along the academic road to success. 

Satyum will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Sector Management (Special) and Leana with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology during The UWI St. Augustine Campus 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremonies on October 28th to 30th 2021. Each ceremony will be broadcasted live via UWItv



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