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UWI celebrates the work of Honorary Graduates Mr. Michael Anthony and Dr. Elisha Tikasingh

For Release Upon Receipt - September 7, 2023

St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. September 7, 2023- The University of the West Indies (The UWI) St. Augustine Campus joins the global community in celebrating the work and contributions of two distinguished individuals, Mr. Michael Anthony and Dr. Elisha Tikasingh, both esteemed recipients of honorary Doctorates from The UWI. 


 Mr. Michael Anthony, Honorary Graduate of The UWI (Photo courtesy NALIS)

Mr. Michael Anthony, an eminent Caribbean author, and the recipient of an honorary Doctorate from The UWI St. Augustine Campus in 2003, was laid to rest on Saturday 2nd September 2023 in a ceremony attended by close family and friends.   

Born at Mayaro on February 10, 1930, he embarked on an inspiring journey of literary and academic excellence, fueled by an unwavering passion for literature. Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Anthony dedicated himself to unravelling the rich tapestry of Caribbean history and culture. His insightful narratives, particularly those depicting key moments in Trinidadian history during the era of British colonialism, have resonated deeply with audiences across the Caribbean and beyond. Mr. Anthony's literary legacy is a treasure trove of critically acclaimed works, including but not limited to "The Games Were Coming," "The Year in San Fernando," and "Green Days by the River." These literary masterpieces not only earned him well-deserved accolades but also cultivated a devoted readership, cementing his place in our collective memory. 

Dr. Elisha Tikasingh, Honorary Graduate of The UWI (Photo courtesy The UWI St. Augustine, Marketing and Communications Office)

Dr. Elisha Tikasingh, passed away recently on Thursday 31st August 2023, with funeral arrangements currently being finalised.  Dr. Tikasingh, a self-described "boy from the bush," made outstanding contributions to scientific research in the Caribbean, notably in the fields of entomology, parasitology, and virology and was conferred an honorary Doctorate by The UWI in 2013. Dr. Tikasingh embarked on his scientific journey as a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow at the Trinidad Regional Virus Laboratory (TRVL) at UWI, St. Augustine, in 1960.  His pioneering work in arbovirology, the study of viruses transmitted by arthropods, led to the discovery of the Nariva Virus and the Restan Virus, marking significant milestones in scientific research at the time.  His invaluable research played a crucial role in the initiation of the first island-wide vaccination programme against the yellow fever virus in 1978/79, safeguarding the health of the population. 

Dr. Tikasingh's dedication extended to establishing the Parasitology Unit at the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC), which served as a reference centre for laboratories across 19 Commonwealth Caribbean countries. He conducted extensive research on outbreaks of malaria and eastern equine encephalitis in the Caribbean, along with yellow fever in Trinidad and Tobago.

The University of the West Indies extends its deepest sympathies to Mr. Michael Anthony’s and Dr. Elisha Tikasingh's family, friends and all who knew them.  While both individuals may have passed on, their contributions remain immortalized in the lives they touched and the work they accomplished. Their lives were a testament to the values of resilience, excellence, and community engagement, and their legacies continue to inspire us. 


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