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UWI Lecturer Advocates for the ITAL Revolution

For Release Upon Receipt - February 26, 2009

St. Augustine

Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh, a lecturer at The University of the West Indies is set to release his book entitled “Ital Revolution”, a text founded upon the Rastafarian concept represented by the term ‘Ital’. This indigenous term emerged from the Caribbean community and symbolises all that is real, essential and authentic. The book investigates the concept of ital development as a possible solution to the unproductive developmental measures currently utilised in Trinidad and Tobago.

Kublalsingh’s “Ital Revolution” is a compilation of articles and letters that were written for the Sunday Newsday between July and October 2008. These pieces clearly define ital development as “development which is meant to generate wealth for, and from, the land, peoples and communities of the Republic.” They also criticise the “most virulent and bogus forms of underdevelopment practiced by state agencies in Trinidad and Tobago”.

Most of the articles focus on the gas-based aluminium and steel agenda embarked on by the government in 2001. Kublalsingh notes that the “architects of this agenda” are using accounting tricks to ensure that “immense financial, ecological, social and opportunity costs are disappeared”. In his book he also professes that “Only the real, the ital – ital individuals, ital ideas, ital resources, ital development- can save T&T.”

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to fund the ital revolution. For more information on this text, please contact Dr. Kublalsingh via email at  or call the Liberal Arts Department, UWI at (868) 662-2002 Ext. 2031.


This book is now available at the UWI Bookshop, UWI, St. Augustine Campus.