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MEDIATION LEVEL ONE: Essential Skills.

For Release Upon Receipt - September 15, 2009

St. Augustine

Mediation transforms conflict into opportunities for growth and positive change at the professional and organizational levels. This course delivers the critical knowledge and skills in order to build expertise for  in-house intervention, alternative dispute resolution, group problem solving and facilitation. These skills are essential for resolving conflict in organizational, business, governmental and community settings. It is targeted to managerial and administrative personnel, local government, law enforcement, social service professionals, regional corporations and community leaders. Participants will develop finely tuned communication skills, build interest based  and restorative approaches, become skilled in managing high emotion and hostility and practice the skills in real life case scenarios.

This is a practical skill building course designed to increase participant expertise for resolving conflict in

workplaces, communities and organizations.


Dates                              November 16th to 20th  2009.

Times                             9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Location                        Social Sciences Faculty Lounge, UWI, St Augustine.

Cost                               $ 7,000 per participant

                                       (Lunches and refreshments included)

Registration                E-mail:  and

Telephone:                 Victoria Hawkins 663-3810  

                                    Michylle Arthur 662-2002 Ext. 3234

Fax:                             (868) 663-3810

Courses are presented by the Department of Behavioural Sciences Department, UWI, Faculty of Social Sciences, UWI, St Augustine.

Trainer: Tom Kalpatoo

Mr. Tom Kalpatoo brings twenty years of field experience in governmental, statutory, workplace and public policy mediation. He has lectured at Capilano College, the Institute of Conflict Resolution and Analysis and the University of British Columbia and delivered mediation and negotiation training in Canada, Latin America and throughout the Caribbean. He has mediated over 2,000 cases for governments, organizations, law enforcement agencies, unions and community groups since 1989 and currently serves on the British Columbia Mediation Roster. Training participants have included corporate managers, lawyers, human resources personnel, police, military, teachers, social workers and government officials.