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UWI SPEC Ready for World Cup Warm-Up & Practice Session

For Release Upon Receipt - February 27, 2007

St. Augustine

Eight teams are scheduled to practice and play ICC Cricket World Cup warm-up matches at The University of the West Indies Sport and Physical Education Centre (UWI SPEC) Cricket Field from March 2nd – 24th, 2007. Bangladesh, Bermuda, Canada, India, Ireland, South Africa and Sri Lanka will use the upgraded facility at the UWI St. Augustine Campus which was recently praised by Don Lockerbie, Venue Development Director Cricket World Cup 2007.

In 1966, former Captain of the West Indies Cricket Team, Sir Frank Worrell, developed this University cricket pitch on experimental agricultural fields during his tenure as a dormitory warden at Milner Hall and Dean of students at UWI. The grounds were formally opened in 1967 shortly after Sir Frank Worrell’s death.  Over the years, the University has continued to develop sport and physical education on the Campus and enhance the cricket field.  There was yet another milestone for the UWI when in March 2003, the doors to a modern Sport and Physical Education Centre (SPEC) opened.  Fully air-conditioned, with a multi functional auditorium, gymnasium, offices, outdoor basketball courts, rugby and football field, the Centre was located on this 19 acre site.  Director of Sport and Physical Education at the Campus, Dr Iva Gloudon has been instrumental in driving the development of the facilities, sporting events and physical education programmes at UWI SPEC since 1992.  She recently spoke about the collaborative efforts of the corporate sector with the scientific expertise of professors at UWI to develop the cricket grounds.

“We built the indoor facility and then decided, in 2005, to upgrade the outdoor facility. Spearheaded by Dr Trevor Alleyne, we merged the expertise of our academic staff with the science and technology of contractors, Terra Forma. UWI Campus Soil Science Professor Ahamad and Dr Gouveia and other members of UWI staff were all brought on board to ensure that we matched the academic and the scientific knowledge with the architectural and contractual skills of Terra Forma,” she concluded. 

One of the legacies the event will bring to the Campus is the new international player and match official pavilion, which houses locker rooms for the teams, individual dinning rooms, therapy rooms, technical and administrative areas all constructed to international specifications.  The Centre also has a full time ground crew which includes curator and UWI graduate, Ramnath Persad, Clin Gallai, Ian Gallai, Jason Bartholomew, Sheldon Siewpersad, Leonard Allemony and Facility Manager Sherlan Cabralis.

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