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Message from Principal Sankat: Support the UWI for Haiti Fund

For Release Upon Receipt - January 20, 2010

St. Augustine

Dear Colleagues and Students,

At the University Executive Management meeting yesterday, chaired by our Vice Chancellor and including all Campus Principals, we agreed to lead a regional, coordinated University effort to provide relief and technical assistance to Haiti, as captured in the Vice Chancellor’s message below.  It is important that whatever contribution we make is meaningful and impacting and hence, the need for university-wide coordination.

As Campus Principal, I fully endorse this effort and would like to encourage all members of staff and students, as an initial show of support, to make a financial donation to the Account established by the UWI St. Augustine Campus: Republic Bank Chequing Acct No.: 160135528301.

I am pleased to advise that the Derek Walcott Conference currently underway has already made a contribution and I am asking that similar efforts in other parts of the Campus community be channeled to this University fund.

As the regional and international community mobilizes its assistance to Haiti to help the Haitian people recover from this disaster and rebuild the society, the University will be exploring additional ways in which we can provide support for Haiti’s short and medium-term recovery and sustainable development.  These will involve the use of our technical expertise and knowledge of the Caribbean, working in concert with other regional and international agencies.

The UWI St. Augustine Campus already has two colleagues (Dr. D. Gay and Dr. R. Clarke of the Department for Civil and Environmental Engineering) in Haiti as part of the CDEMA team, and they will report on developments on the ground, which will help to guide the next phase of our intervention.  I will communicate again to you on how our Campus will contribute to the University’s efforts.

I am heartened by the many messages I have received over the past few days asking for and suggesting ways to contribute and assist.

Thank you for your generosity and continued commitment.



Professor Clement Sankat

Pro Vice Chancellor and Campus Principal