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UWI World of Work (WOW 2010) Seminar a huge hit!

For Release Upon Receipt - February 22, 2010

St. Augustine


Final-year students get grooming tips from a beauty queen,

business advice from a millionaire entrepreneur


“If you enjoy what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.” This was one central message from Derek Chin, Executive Chairman of MovieTowne, who delivered a presentation titled “An Adventure in Entrepreneurship: My Story” at The University of the West Indies’ (UWI) annual World of Work (WOW 2010) Seminar.

The WOW 2010 Seminar, which was held at The UWI Sport and Physical Education Centre on Saturday 6th February, 2010, was sponsored by Republic Bank and held in conjunction with the Trinidad and Tobago chapter of The UWI Alumni Association. Centered on the theme of entrepreneurship, Chin’s presentation challenged students to become “independent thinkers” and learn how to manage risk strategically. Using principles from his own life story, he gave students valuable personal insights into the entrepreneurial mindset and the hurdles that can arise in the local business context.

More advice had come from Giselle La Ronde-West, Corporate Communications Manager, Angostura Limited, who spoke first and shared personal grooming tips with the 1200-plus UWI final-year students in attendance. In an interactive presentation titled "Dressing for Success", Mrs. La Ronde-West advised the emerging graduates to maintain a professional look throughout the job interview process.

Mrs La Ronde-West gave tips that spanned the gamut from advice about the length of skirts to reminders about matching belts with socks and shoes. Accessorising for the job interview? Eyeing that chunky jewellery? Forget about it, and stay away from glittery clothing too, she advised. While emphasising the importance of making a powerful first impression, she also encouraged the WOW 2010 participants to stay true to the promise of professionalism demonstrated by a sharp outfit in the interview.

Designed to equip final year UWI students with some of the necessary tools for long-term success in the globalised work environment, WOW is an annual programme with several components, each of which is intended to develop a targeted skill set. The programme has become one of the most highly anticipated events on the University calendar.


WOW 2010 started on February 4th with an Interview Preparation and Resume Writing Workshop designed to teach participants how to prepare competitive resumes for the global job market. The programme resumed after the Carnival period with Mock Interview sessions on February 27th and one scheduled for March 6th, allowing each student to hone their interview skills with real business professionals. The programme culminates in a Recruitment Fair on March 11th and 12th, where UWI students can meet with prospective employers from a variety of industries across the Caribbean region. The Recruitment Fair will take place over two days with one day open to all returning students and the other restricted to final-year students. Interested companies are asked to contact UWI Office of Student Services at (868) 662 2002 Ext. 2360.


For WOW 2010 photos, click For further information, visit the official WOWO 2010 website at, or contact Mr. Chandar Gupta Supersad, UWI Student Advisory Services at (868) 662 2002 Ext. 2360, or Ms. Sabrina Pierre 662-2002 Ext. 2325, or Ms. Fleur Edwards 662-2002 Ext. 4187, or Marva Belfast 662-2002 Ext. 2098.



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