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Graduate Studies & Research Information Portal

For Release Upon Receipt - April 12, 2011

St. Augustine

The Graduate Student Portal (now referred to as GRIP — Graduate Studies & Research Information Portal) is now available. GRIP was designed to provide Graduate students with a source of ready information relating to their common needs. It also seeks to improve communication among students and also  between students and their supervisors and the administrative offices. GRIP is being completed in two phases.


Phase One:

GRIP includes a Graduate Student's Blog, Information and links concerning Handbooks, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Regulations, Library functions, Thesis writing, the use of Turnitin software and other resources. There is information for prospective students relating to all campuses as well as information relating to the awardees for Best Thesis across all campuses. 


Phase Two:

Phase Two aims to allow students and their supervisors to construct a timeline for their activities throughout their period as graduate students and to have a record of their progress along this timeline using a Progress Tracker. Toward the end of their stay, the examination process relating to submitted theses will also be closely tracked using a Thesis Tracker for which a prototype has been developed for the Mona Campus and a more complete and scalable version is being produced for cross-campus use. 


Visit the Graduate Studies & Research Information Portal.