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“Sim Man” Technology comes to UWI

For Release Upon Receipt - April 21, 2011

St. Augustine

As of this current semester, students reading for the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at the School of Advanced Nursing Education, at The University of the West Indies (UWI), have been utilizing the innovative “Sim Man” technology in practicing learnt techniques.

“Sim Man” is a computerized system that has both anatomical and physiological components, designed specifically for simulated exercises through programmed evidence-based case-scenarios. A unique feature of “Sim Man” is the humanistic component that produces realism of human abilities: speech, palpable pulses and reactive pupils. Some other features that are incredibly analogous to a patient are intravenous fluid/blood and medicine administration, catheterization, nasogastric tube insertion and wound dressings.

In January, 2011 the School hosted a three-day Sim Man Workshop: “Bringing Sim Man to Life” facilitated by Dr Meryl Price, Director of the School of Advanced Nursing Education and presented by Ms. Reba Childress, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Director of Clinical Learning Center, School of Nursing, University of Virginia, USA. The workshop formed part of the launch of the Sim Man laboratory at the Mt. Hope Campus of the Faculty of Medical Sciences. Speaking on the implementation of the Sim Man, Dr. Price said, “The School of Advanced Nursing Education has once again proven to be the pioneer of new and innovative technology. The Sim Man has brought the nursing fraternity on par with its First world counterparts, enhancing the stature of Nursing Education in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean and internationally”.

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science Oncology degree programme were the first cohort to utilize Sim Man for Practical Examinations: Oncology Health Assessment.

This experience has increased my level of competence and my confidence. I have been a nurse for five years now and this new method of learning has taken me to another level,” said Starsha Gellineau, a BSc Oncology Nursing Student.

“Sim Man” has facilitated demonstration skills: permitting student errors which can be corrected, thus allowing students to utilize critical analysis and judgment in the prompt assessment and management of case-scenarios. Additionally, practical sessions embracing this new advanced technology have had a profound effect on the critical thinking, problem-solving, assessment skills and confidence of nurses at the School of Advanced Nursing Education. Dr. Meryl Price anticipates Sim Man’s use as an element that would provide the foundation for Physical Assessment competencies within the trajectory of the Nursing Fraternity in the near future.

For further information, please contact the School of Advanced Nursing, at 645-2640 Ext. 4754.

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