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Students encouraged to show their true colours at UWI Life 2011

For Release Upon Receipt - August 3, 2011

St. Augustine

The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine Campus, welcomes new undergraduate and postgraduate students for the upcoming academic year 2011/2012 with its official annual UWI Life orientation programme. Perhaps the most anticipated event on The UWI’s calendar, it is carded for 29th August to 3rd September, 2011, at the UWI Sports and Physical Education Centre (SPEC).

This year’s theme ‘Show Your True Colours’ encourages incoming students to explore all the options available at The UWI and not to restrict themselves purely to academic pursuits. It will focus on the unique characteristics of the University that will help mould, develop and transform them on their new journey. At UWI Life, students are encouraged to let their true selves shine through their tertiary experience, while parents and spouses are given the necessary tools to assist their loved ones and encourage the students to achieve their fullest potential. This innovative and interactive programme is divided into four main events: UWI Life Support, UWI Life Student, UWI Life Extension and UWI Life Postgraduate.

The first event is UWI Life Support, which will be held on Monday 29th August, from 5 to 7pm, and is geared toward the parents, guardians and spouses of arriving students, since their success relies on a strong support system. At UWI Life Support, those attending will learn about the facilities and services available at The UWI. There will be a question and answer segment conducted by the Campus management team, which will help lessen concerns and give them further insight into the University, as well as teach them how to assist students in making a seamless transition into university life. This event is meant to establish a preliminary relationship between the support network and The University.

On Friday 2nd September from 9am to 3pm, UWI Life Student, the second event of the UWI Life programme 2011, welcomes all first-year and first-time undergraduate students. This all-day event, which includes an Orientation Village, aims to help students make a smooth transition from secondary school to university life. It will also focus on the theme “Show Your True Colours,” helping students to understand the differences amongst themselves and the personalities they may encounter. The day will be packed with various activities, games, giveaways and live entertainment while students are given the opportunity to meet and greet each other.

During the lunch break, the students will be invited to explore the Orientation Village where they will learn about their respective faculties and will be exposed to the myriad activities available on the Campus. They will be given the chance to interact with representatives and gain information on support services, mentorship programmes and career opportunities.

UWI Life Extension, the third part of UWI Life 2011, which will be held on Saturday 3rd September, from 9 to 11am, is targeted at part-time and full-time Evening and mature undergraduate students. Tactics for time management will be discussed to help these students cope with uncertain environments while balancing their work, family and university life in such a way that is best suited for their individual schedules.  Before the final session ends, students will be invited to participate in the Orientation Village where further information will be shared on various aspects of campus life.

The final phase of UWI Life 2011 is UWI Life Postgraduate. This event caters to first-year postgraduate students and will be held on Saturday 3rd September, from 1 to 3pm. These students will learn about the opportunities available for both taught and research degrees, and receive guidance on how to balance their work and academic lives. Strategies for managing the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate and balancing the many facets of adulthood will also be shared.


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