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UWI to manage 2 million Euro Scholarship Grant

For Release Upon Receipt - December 21, 2011

St. Augustine

Come January 1st 2012, the Caribbean-Pacific Islands Mobility Scheme (CARPIMS) will make its first ever call for scholarship applications. The scheme, funded by approximately €2 million from the European Union under its Intra ACP Mobility Scheme, is designed to facilitate the movement of Masters and PhD students and staff between a consortium of Universities from the Caribbean and Pacific regions, with its primary goal being to build the research and teaching capacity of each participating institution and their respective regions.

The Intra ACP Mobility Scheme is divided into two funding lots, one being for the African region (three projects) and the other being for the combined Caribbean and Pacific regions (one project). In its inaugural year the Caribbean-Pacific grant has been awarded to The University of the West Indies which, as the coordinator of CARPIMS, is joined in the Caribbean by the University of Guyana, the University of Belize, the Universite D’Etat D’Haiti, and in the Pacific by the University of the South Pacific (headquartered in Fiji but with a presence in 12 Pacific countries), the University of Papua New Guinea, the National University of Samoa and the Universidade da Paz Timor-Leste. The consortium also has a Technical Partner in the University of Porto which has extensive experience managing large mobility projects funded by the European Union as well as an Associate Partner in the Association of Caribbean Universities (UNICA) which will assist with disseminating information to prospective applicants from across the Caribbean region.  

The mobility scheme targets two main categories of applicants; target group one refers nationals and/or residents registered as students or staff in one of the eight CARPIMS partners while the second target group consists nationals and/or residents registered at a higher education institution in Caribbean or Pacific countries which is not a member of CARPIMS. The competitive scholarships provide Masters and PhD candidates opportunities to pursue qualifications in various fields including Agriculture Sciences; Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning; Art and Design; Business Studies and Management Sciences; Education and Teacher Training; Engineering and Technology; Geography and Geology; Humanities; Languages and Philological Sciences; Law; Mathematics, Informatics, Medical Sciences; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences; Communication and Information Sciences. The scholarships cover all expenses (tuition, monthly stipend, health insurance, travel, etc.) for full masters programmes (up to 22 months), up to 10 months of Doctoral research (must already be enrolled in a Doctoral programme) and 1 month for staff exchanges.

Mr. Sharan Chandradath Singh, Director of the International Office at The UWI St Augustine Campus, the unit managing the project, emphasized that CARPIMS is being used as a tool for regional development and goes far beyond any individual institution.   

“Rather,” he said, “it is about developing the human capital of both the Caribbean and Pacific regions, building and strengthening key partnerships and ultimately promoting ‘brain gain’ rather than ‘brain drain’ within each region. The entire process is web-based so we encourage all to visit our website and apply soon.”  

For more information and for assistance with applying, please contact CARPIMS Coordinators - Bianca Beddoe or Miguel Dindial at Tel: 868-662-2002 ext 84464 or 868-224-3708; Email:, 


  • CARPIMS Coordinators - Bianca Beddoe or Miguel Dindial

  • Tel.: 868-662-2002 ext 84464 or 868-224-3708
  • Email: